Command Decision

by PatsBard

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Captain Kathryn Janeway, of the Federation starship Voyager, had had enough. Her fingers drummed impatiently on the top of her desk in the Ready Room, while her mind pored over plan after plan, discarding some and keeping others for further consideration. Blue-gray eyes fairly sparked with determination as she finally strode onto the bridge, her path completely clear.

"Commander Chakotay, you have the bridge," she snapped out.

Chakotay straightened in his chair, only the slightest frown showing his bewilderment. "Aye aye, Captain," he responded firmly. Then added in a quieter tone, "Taking the rest of the shift off, Captain?"

Captain Janeway paused in front of her First Officer and regarded him thoughtfully. "Yes, and perhaps tomorrow as well. I'll let you know." With that, she edged past the command chairs and entered the turbolift, leaving confusion in her wake.

A small smile curved her lips as she surveyed her quarters. She'd briefly considered candles, but decided they would just melt down and get wax everywhere. Instead, she'd instructed the computer to dim the lights, and replicated a huge mattress. The couch had been shoved up against one of the walls, and extra blankets and pillows practically filled the living area.

"Janeway to Seven of Nine."

"Seven here."

Kathryn smiled to herself at the cool, remote tones of her Borg. That would be changing soon, if she had anything to say about it. Which she most emphatically did. "Report to my quarters immediately."

There was the briefest of pauses before Seven replied in the affirmative. Kathryn rubbed her hands together in anticipation. "Computer, music selection Janeway-Beta...volume low."

The computer complied and soon the soft tones of jazz filled the room. The captain had just filled two glasses with red wine when the chime sounded at her door. "Enter," she commanded huskily.

Seven of Nine stood poised in the doorway and, as always, Kathryn felt her heart skip a beat at the sight of the tall blonde in her form-fitting blue and gray outfit. The woman was stunning...and Kathryn had finally decided that six years was more than enough time for a captain to remain celibate. That incompetent holo-character not withstanding.

"Captain?" Seven asked with a hint of anxiety in her normally smooth tones. The muted light of the room glinted off her left eyebrow implant as she raised it in cautious inquiry. Whatever she had been expecting, it certainly wasn't her captain dressed in a filmy blue robe and the Captain's quarters transformed into a huge bedchamber. And the calm, cool, and collected Borg certainly hadn't expected her mouth to suddenly go dry, or her heart rate and respiration to rise to such levels that she could practically feel her nanoprobes shift into overdrive to compensate.

"Seven," Kathryn murmured, "you look terribly uncomfortable. Why don't you go into my bathroom and change? I've left something out for you."

The captain's husky voice sent a tremor down Seven's spine and she couldn't bring herself to ask any more questions. Such was her confusion that she didn't even realize she hadn't asked any questions yet. In the privacy of the bathroom, Seven gripped the edge of the sink to remain standing. There hanging in front of her was another robe of light blue silk. The material was so sheer, she could see through it to the bulkhead on the other side. The blonde took in several deep breaths attempting to regain control of her senses.

While the ex-Borg analyzed the confusing data with one part of her brain, the rest of her was busy removing her unitard and slipping into the silk robe. She quickly went through all the social lessons the Doctor had given her so far, and also the gigaquads of information she had downloaded from the computer when she was attempting to figure out the Human mating ritual. Seven was uncomfortably aware that the captain seemed to have skipped several steps in her apparent seduction attempt of her.

All thought abruptly stopped when she drew her ice blue eyes up to the mirror and beheld her reflection. A gasp involuntarily escaped her at the sight of her voluptuous form displayed in such a tantalizing manner. The silk was cool and soft against her skin, the translucency of the material providing glimpses of her coral nipples peeking through. Her fingers trembled as she tied the small ribbons that were the fasteners, and she swallowed hard against the dryness of her throat.

Seven of Nine had long harbored a secret desire for her captain, but had never thought anything could come of it. The entire crew was well aware of the captain's stance on a possible relationship between herself and a member of her crew, and Seven had resigned herself to loving Captain Janeway from afar. She had learned to cherish each moment they spent together, be it in the course of their duties, playing Velocity, or when they shared ideas on philosophy and such-like in the late evening hours.

To have the captain come after her like this... Seven shook her head unconsciously. She had never let her private fantasies take her this far. It had simply been too painful to consider what she could never have. Suddenly realizing she had dallied in the bathroom too long, Seven gathered her courage and stepped into the outer room.

Kathryn was lounging on the pillows, taking slow sips of her wine as she waited. She had put herself through much soul-searching before coming to the decision that she wanted Seven of Nine and to hell with the consequences. She was reasonably certain that Seven wanted her too...she had seen enough evidence of that in the past year. After watching as the members of her crew entered into loving relationships while she hid behind her rank, she had finally decided enough was enough. It was time for the captain of Voyager to have some happiness of her own.

And watching Seven of Nine slowly walk into the living area even more beautiful than she could have imagined, she was extremely grateful for her decision. The light blue robe drew out the color of Seven's eyes and highlighted her flawless skin, falling in smooth waves down the long length of her thighs. Kathryn wasn't aware of rising until she found herself standing in front of the blonde beauty.

"You are stunning, my dear," she whispered softly.

Seven felt a flush creep up her cheeks...a sensation she wasn't used to feeling. "Thank you, Captain," she responded just as softly. "I must confess, I do not know quite what you expect of me."

Kathryn drew the blonde down onto the mass of pillows and handed her a glass of wine. Her eyes glowed with inner warmth as she drank in the vision before her much like Seven was drinking the wine...slowly and savoring every sip.

"I expect you to enjoy yourself," she finally answered sincerely. "I had hoped that you would want this as much as I, but if it's too much..." She paused and sighed. "If I've read your feelings for me completely wrong, then you may go and I'll never speak of this again."

Seven dropped her eyes, focusing her gaze on the silver mesh of her left hand. She raised it, palm upward, to her captain. "I am partially Borg and partially Human." She looked at Kathryn intently. "And both parts of me love you equally, Kathryn. Will you..." She stopped, her voice breaking. "Could you love me as I am?"

Kathryn's eyes filled with tears and she took the metallic hand in her own, pressing a gentle kiss to the palm of it. "I already do, my darling. I already do."

Seven smiled tremulously at that, lightly caressing Kathryn's cheek with her right hand, while her captain lovingly cradled her left. "I am unsure what to do next," she admitted shyly.

Kathryn laughed, a husky trill that sent shivers of delight up and down Seven's spine. "I'll show you, darling," she promised.

Putting words to action, she carefully set the wine glasses aside and drew the blonde Borg into her arms. Their first kiss was a fleeting touch of softness, then that brief meeting wasn't enough and Kathryn dipped in again and again to the sweet nectar she found.

Seven was pleased with herself. Initially, she'd been afraid she wouldn't be able to handle all the new sensations. After all, it had taken a great deal of effort not to respond to Captain Janeway's innocent touches while they were on duty; she had anticipated being completely overwhelmed by touches deliberately intended to arouse her.

Then the captain, encouraged by the almost imperceptible relaxing of Seven against her, stepped up the pace, sliding her tongue past full, pink lips and charting out the unexplored territory of Seven's mouth. Seven gasped, her hands tightening on slender hips and remembering just in time to send a command to her hand implant and limit its strength. She couldn't suppress a moan, gratified when Kathryn responded in kind.

"Oh God," Kathryn murmured, pausing to nibble at the tender flesh at Seven's throat. "I need to touch you."

Seven drew back and stared down at the auburn haired woman with dazed blue eyes. "You are touching me," she remarked hesitantly.

Kathryn chuckled softly, trailing her fingers along the bounty of Seven's chest until they encountered the first set of delicate ribbons. She quickly unraveled each of the fastenings as she spoke, "Oh, I haven't touched you nearly enough, yet."

Dipping her head, she enveloped a coral tip and Seven was lost. Kathryn's hands were everywhere at once, touching, caressing, kneading tender flesh. Seven felt her entire body trembling and was helpless to control it. Every nerve ending was pulsing and burning, and none more so than the moist depths of her that she had had no idea could feel that way.

Her breath came out in panting gasps as she clutched Kathryn's head between her thighs. "Please." It was a fervent plea.

Kathryn shifted, placing one hand firmly on Seven's torso, absently caressing the ridges of metal on her stomach. Eyes more blue than gray darted up to see silver-blonde hair falling in silky waves around a face flushed with the heat of passion. She smiled to herself in silent victory, then slowly eased her fingers into Seven's pulsing depths.

Both women groaned at the intense sensations, and Kathryn pressed her lips to swollen folds. Long, slender legs wrapped around her as she introduced her Borg to new delights, almost losing control herself when the blonde beauty stiffened in her arms and shuddered in release.

Giving a kiss to the tender flesh of Seven's inner thigh, she carefully disengaged and slid up to take the sobbing woman into a comforting embrace. "Hush, my darling. Easy now," she crooned softly, dropping soft, gentle kisses along Seven's neck and cheek.

"Oh, Kathryn..." Seven cried, at a complete loss to control herself. The tremors slowly died away, soothed by Kathryn's hands smoothing along her back and sides, and Seven curled into the smaller woman's body. "That was...wonderful," she sighed, finally able to breathe with some degree of normalcy.

Kathryn's eyes sparkled with laughter and joy as she hugged Seven to her. "I'm glad you enjoyed it. Rest for a few moments," she continued. "I have a couple minor details to take care of."

She gave Seven's delicious lower lip a nibble before untangling herself and walking over to her desk. "Janeway to the Bridge."

"Chakotay here."

Kathryn's lips parted in a smile as she gazed at the impossibly beautiful Borg lying amidst the pillows. "I've decided to take tomorrow off. Would you mind taking care of things?"

There was a brief, startled pause as Chakotay realized that his captain was actually, willingly, taking time off for herself. "I don't mind at all," he responded, a smile evident in his voice. "Enjoy yourself."

"Oh, I believe I will, Commander," she purred. "By the way, Seven will be taking the day off as well. You'll need to arrange for someone to take over her duties."

This time Chakotay couldn't stop the chuckle. "Consider it done, Captain. And give Seven my regards."

After giving the computer a few final instructions, Kathryn rejoined her companion. She knew they had a lot to discuss, but right now her body was telling her that there were some more important things that had to be taken care of in the immediate future. Like what other uses that bit of Borg technology on Seven's left hand could be programmed to do.

It turned out that there were many.

The End

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