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by Troubleshooter. Unfinished.


by PatsBard. FINISHED.

by PatsBard. FINISHED.

by Emily Duncan. FINISHED

It always rains in Manchester - or at least, that's how Nia feels. She's the manager of a bar in the centre of the grey metropolis, and suffers from its connection with the city's rotten underbelly. Gangsters dominate her every move, and she feels in thrall to the darkness around her.

Jake is imposing, mysterious, and probably deadly. When she strides into Nia's life, the bar manager ought to run a mile. Instead, the appearance of the dark woman seems to offer her a ray of light. Both must weather storms past and present as they explore their connection, and Nia finds herself looking for proof that her new love will stand firm when the clouds begin to swell.

The story mingles sunshine and rain, laughter and tears, in the relationship between these two passionate, complex women. Nia and Jake come up against the realities of heartbreak and the walls people build to protect themselves from it. And in the effort to tear these down, they embody the universal hope that perhaps it might be different - this time.

by Emily Duncan. FINISHED.

'Girl' is a piece about gender; written from the vantage point of a gay woman whose appearance does not fit the usual 'norm.' It deals with some of the boundaries that structure even marginalised communities, exploring the struggle to achieve self-acceptance in the face of prejudice.

by PatsBard. FINISHED.

by Troubleshooter.  Work in Progress.

Can love, unlooked for, salvage two souls?

by Carole Giorgio.  FINISHED.

Alexis Dorian may have been born with a silver spoon in her beautiful mouth, but that doesn't guarantee success in her love life. Just as she is about to give up on the hope of ever finding her elusive soulmate, Samantha Riley materializes one summer's evening, right before her eyes, on her private beach in Laguna, California. The vivacious blonde catches the eye and then captures the heart of the solemn raven-haired executive. Drawn together by a force neither can explain, they follow their instincts, as their immortal souls reunite.

But, even paradise has its share of snakes. Destructive elements enter their world, wreaking havoc on the lives of the new lovers and forcing them to deal with circumstances beyond their control. The dilemma they find themselves facing will either destroy the budding romance or strengthen the growing bond between the two, but it has to be faced before they can continue their life together.

by Emily Duncan FINISHED.

'Letter to America' is a rather dark piece that focuses on the feelings of a woman imprisoned in a refugee camp at a time of war. Warning - the imagery and language used, and the emotions expressed, are not pretty.

Winnner of a "The Next Chapter Award of Excellence"

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by Frost.  Unfinished.

by PatsBard.  FINISHED.

by Vada Foster.  FINISHED.

by PatsBard. FINISHED.  

by Carrie Ryan.  Unfinished.

A story of two very charismatic women who will soon become entrenched in your hearts. Amanda Peters, the beautiful, tender schoolteacher and mother of her precious baby daughter, does not know what's in her future when Raven Stevens joins her class, for Raven is the much loved "daughter" of Jake, a tall gorgeous, construction worker. When their paths meet, will Amanda come to realize what her ex-husband and his mother already know? This is a wonderful story where all the characters come alive with their warmth, fun and friendships.

by PatsBard. FINISHED.

by J. "Harley" Elmore.  FINISHED.

Is change the antithesis of control? According to Deven Masterson, control has become an illusion and change is a bitch. An expert at controlling herself, situations and those around her, Deven watches as the cherished discipline she has developed over a lifetime slips away through her fingers.

Rhian McKenna, a woman in self-imposed exile, steps out one evening at the insistence of her best friend and crosses Deven's path in a chance encounter that marks the first of many crossroads she will face.

From the moment they face off, Rhian makes it obvious she doesn't accept Deven's ideas about control and proves adept at taking it away. Seemingly incompatible, both women stand at a precipice of change - between burdened past and the unknown future that could transform who they are.

by Carole Giorgio. The sequel to Laguna Nights. Unfinished.

Alex and Samantha have affirmed their love for each other, each with an inner feeling that this may not be the first lifetime they have spent together, yet one of them is still battling the validity of reincarnation. Each has been given the gift of the other; neither understanding just how intricately they are connected.

Sometimes it only takes a little rain to start you down the path to reawakening old beliefs.

by PatsBard. FINISHED.

by Vada Foster. FINISHED.

by Troubleshooter.  Unfinished.

Fraud and deception in New Orleans challenge a lawyer and law student's hearts, minds and wills.  Book One in the Trial Series. 

by Vada Foster. FINISHED.

by PatsBard. FINISHED.

by J. "Harley" Elmore.  Unfinished.

When You Dance with the Devil begins right where Poetry In Motion left off, taking us further into the lives of Deven and Rhian as they face the challenges and opportunities created by their newly formed relationship, as well as the various other interpersonal associations within their lives. Is their bond strong enough to overcome the pressures of trying to create a life together? And are they, as individuals and as a couple, willing to accept the changes they both will have to make?

As if the complications of a developing relationship weren't enough, throw into the mix a rocky path of self-discovery that is further disrupted by the convergence of past and present - points of complex growth and change that can only challenge the very foundation of their friendship. When Deven's personal demons become reality, can she find within herself the fortitude to face the most extreme fight of her life? And will Rhian be able to come to terms with the outcome? Dancing with the devil will only get you burned, and when the smoke finally settles, what will rise from the ashes?


Emily Duncan
J. "Harley" Elmore
Vada Foster
Carole Giorgio
Carrie Ryan

Xena: Warrior Princess Fan Fiction

A Series by Carole Giorgio

Author's Description - "A Place to Heal begins a few days after the episode 'Motherhood' ends. There are still questions needing to be answered as to why Xena found it necessary to throw the chakram at Gabrielle ~~ their relationship is definitely reaping the consequences of the warrior's actions. As Xena, Gabrielle, and Eve head toward the Amazon Village, the answers are found in a most unusual of settings and a romantic reunion ensues." STORIES TO BE READ IN ORDER LISTED.

Conversations with My Mother
by ArdentTly.

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