by Troubleshooter

The timeline is the present. I borrow some of the physical characteristics of X&G for physical descriptions because I find it easier to write when I have a clear image in my head of the physical look of the character. My imagination isn't that good to come up with one. Besides, I really like the looks of X&G. <g> If I had any type of artistic skill, I'd draw a picture of them for you, because they don't look exactly like X&G. For example, in my mind, I picture the blonde as taller. That's about it. It's an original piece of fiction and if you read it, you'll probably find likenesses in the characters to the X&G type, as well as about fifty other arch-type, um, types of characters.

This is my little therapy piece that I use when I'm writing Trial of Conscience. It is, IMHO opinion, very different from Trial of Conscience. It is a rather dark piece with a lot of angst that deals with a couple's struggle by having them both look back and write about how they met, what happened and how they're dealing with it.

Because it's a retrospective look combined with the present, it tends to bounce between the present and the past. Of the people who have read it so far, no one's complained about being totally confused. I also wrote it as the characters would if they were writing in their personal journals, so you'll find incomplete sentences, slang, etc. Tenses may switch back and forth between past and present. The characters experience conflicting emotions and are sometimes inconsistent when they are trying to explain themselves. This was all done on purpose.

Both main characters are done in first person and I've attempted to create different styles for each. Feedback on whether or not I've been successful in the two different styles would be very much appreciated. It hasn't been edited at all, so please forgive the mistakes.

This story is a slice of two people's lives, each of whom are far less than perfect and have their own fears, strengths, views, dysfunctions, etc. Some of it is not so pretty. Some of it is. I don't think there's anything in it that would be considered over the top. Something happened to them that was devastating and now they are trying to deal with it, each in her own way.

There's some profanity, definite angst, definitely dark and broody in parts, some violence, sex between two women (all consensual and non-violent and not in there for it's erotic value - it's used to explore and further the reader's understanding of the relationship, as well as the character's own understanding). In short, if I put something in the story, it's not for shock value or sensationalism or titillation value.

The characters may hold opinions that you don't agree with, particularly within the religious area. I really don't want to get email about your opposition to how they view religion. You're reading their personal thoughts, even things that they may not say to each other. There is no message, no lesson or anything like that. It's simply a character study of two people and a relationship, their thought processes (however warped they may be) and their responses to the events in their lives.


The characters in this piece are my own little creations thus they belong solely to me. Don't try to steal 'em.  It's all those copyright rules and legal stuff you would violate.


This is an extremely difficult story for me to write. I don't expect it to be as lengthy as Trial of Conscience, but I do know that it's taking me a long time to write it. So start it if you want to, but don't expect frequent updates. I've got to be in a certain place personally to write this story and it's a place I, thankfully, don't get to that often.

With all that said, and you still want to read it...well, I can't stop you.

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