First Light

by Emily Duncan

manchester city centre

It always rains in Manchester - or at least, that's how Nia feels. She's the manager of a bar in the centre of the grey metropolis, and suffers from its connection with the city's rotten underbelly. Gangsters dominate her every move, and she feels in thrall to the darkness around her.

Jake is imposing, mysterious, and probably deadly. When she strides into Nia's life, the bar manager ought to run a mile. Instead, the appearance of the dark woman seems to offer her a ray of light. Both must weather storms past and present as they explore their connection, and Nia finds herself looking for proof that her new love will stand firm when the clouds begin to swell.

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This is a work of fiction and any references to real people, products, and/or organizations are only included to lend a sense of authenticity. All the characters, whether central or peripheral, are wholly the product of the author's imagination, as are their actions, motivations, thoughts and conversations, and neither the characters nor the situations which were invented for them are intended to depict real people or events. Manchester, England, is a real place -- not as scary as the rumours, but just as wet. The content depicts love and a variety of sexual relationships between consenting adult women. There will also be violence and bad language, but not to any great extent. If it is illegal for you to read work of this nature, then please do not continue.