Look Into My Eyes

by Frost

General Disclaimer : Xena and company aren't mine, and I'm not trying to keep them. I'm also not trying to make money off of them, so please don't sue me.  This is an uber story, so while there will be similarities to the warrior and her bard, that's all you will find.

Violence Disclaimer/Warning : There will be violence. In future chapters there will be some extreme violence. I'm not a fan of grossness, however, so there won't be intricate descriptions of blood and guts.

Hurt/Comfort Disclaimer/Warning : Yep. It's in there...though not in the first part.

Love/Sex Disclaimer/Warning : Two consenting women will fall in love and have sex. If this is not your cup of tea, if you are not 18 or over, or if this is illegal in your area, please do not read this story.

Language Disclaimer/Warning : The story is set in a cyberpunk kinda future. The 'f' word is used.

A special thanks to Mary M. who graciously volunteered to beta read this story and did an extraordinary job, and to Kelley, who went over it a second time adding both suggestions and polish.

I'd also like to thank Barb who has encouraged me to write with her wonderful wit and stalwart protectiveness.

© 1999 All rights reserved Frost

This is my first foray into Xena fanfic of any kind. I am nervous as heck about it. Any feedback will be gratefully received and answered if sent to


Output: Boyfriend

Input: Girlfriend

Solo: Assassin

Boosterboy: Street hoodlum/gang member

Solo : Slang for assassin in the cyberpunk genre.

Rippers : Blades that are secreted in the arm, like Wolverine's for any X-Men fans out there. They pop out through the knuckles. These can be installed in a 'meat' arm or a cybernetic one.

Cybergrunt : Soldiers or security guards that are wired up with metal cyberlimbs and neat stuff like that.

Blue text indicates telepathic communication.