An Interlude

by PatsBard

Disclaimers: This is a work of original, alternative fiction. Adrienne Colson and Jaime O'Donnell belong solely to the author and may not be borrowed by others without permission. This short story contains consensual sex between two adult women and involves the use of light bondage and a sexual aid. If any of this bothers you or is illegal in your part of the world, please do not read this work. ©2000 All Rights Reserved by PatsBard

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Copyright: March 2000, Barbara Davey


"Jaime? Jaime!"

Adrienne Colson toured her large home slowly, wondering where on earth her partner had gotten to. The small blonde had come back to her office from a meeting to find a note on her desk saying Jaime had called and asked her to come home early. Business being fairly slow at the architectural firm, Adrienne had gladly called it a day and followed her lover's instructions.

The door to their bedroom stood ajar so Adrienne poked her head inside, frowning slightly as she noticed the table lamp was on. Jaime had this penchant for leaving every light in the house on and it drove the smaller woman to distraction. It had nothing to do with conserving energy; she just hated having their home look like a glowing beacon at all hours of the night. Giving an exasperated sigh, she stepped into the bedroom.

"Don't move."

Strong hands clamped onto her shoulders and Adrienne suppressed a scream of fright. "Jaime?" One of the hands moved up to cover her mouth.

"Not a word, understand?"

Mutely, the small blonde nodded, her heart already racing in anticipation of what might be coming. Me, hopefully, she smiled to herself.

Long arms reached around her to peel the suit jacket away, leaving her standing in her thin, silk shirt and skirt. Soft touches caressed her sides and eased under the full curves of her breasts, cupping them gently. A gasp escaped her as her nipples were fondled by long, elegant fingers.

With excruciating slowness, her shirt was unbuttoned and ended up on the floor by her jacket. Twin points of fire erupted on her shoulder blades as her lover pressed lightly against her back, teasing her with swaying breasts she couldn't see. But she could picture Jaime in her mind's eye easily, the dark hair cascading in waves down the woman's back, her body strong and lean, topping Adrienne's height by a good six inches. Jaime's eyes would be deep pools of cinnamon, sparkling with need and desire, her toned flesh already glistening with the heat of her love.

Another gasp as Jaime slid down to a kneeling position behind her, pulling the skirt down and the silken hose along with it. Teeth nibbled at the soft flesh of her backside and Adrienne trembled as she struggled to kick off her pumps. Knees buckled when Jaime slid the offending footwear from her feet, tickling her in the process, but the dark haired woman stood quickly and scooped her young lover into her arms.

Golden eyes met sapphire and Adrienne's lips parted in unconscious invitation. Jaime needed nothing more, tilting her head and tasting the sweet wine of her lover's mouth. For endless moments their lips nipped and sucked at each other, breathing the same air and slaking a long-denied thirst. It had been hours since they had last made love.

Somehow, they made it to the bed where Jaime gently laid her burden down, slender fingers leaving a burning trail all along Adrienne's flesh as she positioned her small companion. A scraping noise as a drawer was opened and closed, then bright blue eyes widened. Four soft strips of cloth were dangled in front of her face and her mouth went dry. She swallowed heavily as she looked up at the sharply planed face of her lover.

A dark eyebrow rose.

Adrienne nodded.

White teeth flashed in an insolent grin.

A few moments more and Adrienne was tied spread-eagle on the bed, the silk ties just tight enough to keep her immobile, yet not cause any discomfort. Her breath came in harsh gasps as her hips ground into the mattress beneath her.

"Ah, ah, ah." A slender finger was placed across her lips and Adrienne sucked it into her mouth, eliciting a sharp moan from her captor. "I'm in charge here, wench," Jaime growled out, unable to keep a smile from appearing.

They didn't play this game often, but Jaime knew that sometimes her partner enjoyed... and be ravished. And, as the burning ache in her own loins testified, sometimes Jaime needed to ravish the small woman, to show her who was in charge even if it was only for a few fleeting moments. The gods knew, Adrienne was the true master in this relationship.

Jaime began with light, teasing touches along the blonde's extremities, tickling her with her fingertips and following with swipes of her tongue. Adrienne squirmed futilely against her bonds, letting her moans inform her dark lover of her needs. Needs that were growing sharper with every passing moment. Black hair danced along her thighs as Jaime leaned in to taste the velvet softness in the crease between her hip and the beckoning moist heat of her center. The blonde arched her hips abruptly, Jaime's name escaping from her lips.

Bright blue eyes widened in dismay as cool air drafted across skin suddenly bereft of the warmth of her lover. Her worst fears were realized when Jaime sighed heavily, head shaking sadly as she turned and left the room. "Dammit, dammit, dammit!" She pounded her head against the pillow in frustration. When would she learn? When Jaime was in this type of mood it could be hours before she returned to put her lover out of her misery. One word or ten, it didn't matter. She'd been instructed not to speak and she had broken the rules.

Nipples aching, clitoris throbbing, and warm liquid trickling down between her thighs, Adrienne waited in agonizing silence hoping this would have a happy ending. The sound of the television being turned on caught her attention and she strained her ears to try to figure out what her lover was doing. A few odd noises later, she moaned again, unwittingly mimicking the sounds emanating from the TV.

Jaime had inserted one of their videos and was watching other women making love on tape. After listening a bit longer, Adrienne realized which tape it was and her mouth went dry yet again. Please, please, please, she begged silently. Desire raged through her like an inferno as her mind conjured up images to tantalize her.

A noise in the doorway had her craning her neck to see, and she almost sobbed in relief. A tall, dark form stood in the shadows, then slowly stepped forward into the dim light. Adrienne bit her lip to keep from crying out at the sight of the strap-on jutting from her lover's hips.

Jaime trembled as she stood quietly for a moment. One end of the double-headed dildo was buried deeply within her moist interior and the base fit snugly against her clit. Every movement she made sent darts of fire through her veins. The sight of sweat beading along her lover's upper lip inflamed her even further.

"Is this what you want?" she asked softly.

Adrienne nodded frantically in response.

"Do you deserve this?"

A slight hesitation, then the small blonde slowly shook her head no.

A tiny, teasing smile lit Jaime's dark features. "Well, you're honest. I suppose that deserves some sort of reward."

With that, she climbed back onto the bed and took an aching nipple into her mouth. Encouraging moans and sighs sent the fever in her escalating higher and higher as she tugged on one nipple with her fingers, while massaging the other with her teeth. Dropping her free hand down between Adrienne's thighs, she drew long fingers through the pulsing warmth. The soft folds were slick with dewy moisture, causing her to growl with need.

Sitting up quickly, she reached over to the nightstand and grabbed a small bottle. Dark eyes glittered as she watched the blonde follow her movements, and she intentionally slowed down. The lubricant was spread liberally on her hand and she coated the long shaft with it with very deliberate motions. When it was completely covered she leaned into Adrienne's lips, brushing them with her own.

"Tell me what you want," she whispered.

"I want you...inside me...please," Adrienne gasped out. She tugged at her bonds in a vain attempt to reach her lover and pull her close.

Jaime merely laughed and crouched over her. "Suck me first," she murmured, offering her full breasts to Adrienne's sweet lips.

Adrienne needed no further urging as she enveloped a turgid nipple with her mouth and suckled on it. She groaned in frustration from the need to touch the other one, then gasped as the head of the dildo brushed across her entrance. The nipple popped out of her mouth as Jaime leaned back.



Slick fingers grasped the phallus and slowly guided it home. It was barely an inch inside when Jaime pulled her hand away and placed them on her lover's hips. Their eyes met with matching fire as Jaime carefully eased the rest of the way deep inside her lover. Adrienne's eyes fluttered closed as she was filled completely and she let out a tremulous sigh.

She was barely aware when her dark lover reached above her and untied her wrists, but it took only seconds for her arms to wrap tightly around broad shoulders. Adrienne felt tremors run through Jaime's body as she fought to remain still. Her hands glided up to tangle in silky hair as she tugged the woman down for a heated kiss. As their tongues met in an erotic dance, Adrienne shifted her hips, drawing away from the object impaling her, then thrusting forward again.

Joyfully, she swallowed Jaime's moans as her lover began to move against her. The dark woman's gentleness always surprised her and tonight was no exception. Jaime let Adrienne set the pace, constantly aware of how easily the smaller woman could be hurt if she tried too much too soon.

But tonight Adrienne didn't want gentleness; she wanted to be taken and taken hard. She tore her lips away from Jaime's and stared deeply into her eyes. Small hands gripped the tender globes of the woman's ass and jerked her hips forward. "Love me," she demanded.

"Always," came the answering growl.

Then Jaime's teeth bit into the soft flesh of her shoulder and they were straining together, hips alternately thrusting and grinding, sweat pouring off them in waves. Hair tangled together and breasts flattened against breasts, as they drove each other to the pinnacle. Adrienne's head tossed back and forth as she gripped her lover tightly to her, her body burning with desire and her breath coming in harsh pants timed to the grunts of her lover pounding within her.

Strong hands wrapped around her head, forcing her attention. She bit back a sob as Jaime stopped moving, their hips pressed tightly together. "I want you to look," Jaime gasped out.

Adrienne blinked the sweat from her eyes and obeyed, looking down between their joined bodies. Jaime slid her hips back, pulling the slick rod almost completely out so her young lover could see it glistening with a combination of her juices and the lubricant. The dark haired woman grabbed a pillow and placed it under the blonde's hips, tilting her up higher. Jaime was on her knees now, her eyes glowing with a dark fire as she watched Adrienne take in the sight of the dildo sliding home between legs that were spread as wide as possible.

The sight of it disappearing and then reappearing between her tangled curls excited Adrienne more than she thought possible and she whimpered as she rocked her hips again. "More," she gasped out on a strangled breath.

"I'll give you more," Jaime answered. Slender fingers reached between their sweat-slicked bodies and she caressed the hidden bundle of nerves above the shaft that continued to plunge into her love's heated center.

Adrienne was lost. As soon as those talented fingers swept across her clit, she exploded into a thousand pieces, liquid heat gushing from her and sending tendrils of flame from her toes to her head. She screamed her release into the damp night air and shuddered for long moments after, her clit throbbing and her inner walls pulsing around the soft material of the shaft within her.

Jaime stayed buried within her. The tall woman's own breath coming out in harsh gasps as she tried to keep her control. Adrienne was almost frantic in her attempts to move her lover off her body, but finally Jaime eased out of her and rolled onto her back.

Silk ties around her ankles were quickly removed, then the small hands were tugging at the straps to remove the dildo from Jaime's hips. Glazed dark eyes watched the small blonde's movements and Jaime smiled suddenly. "In a hurry, love?"

Adrienne paused just long enough for her lover to see the lust in those glittering blue eyes, then the strap-on was tossed onto the floor and a blonde head was buried between the taller woman's thighs.

"Oh yesss!" Jaime gasped out, her fingers tangling in blonde hair. Adrienne nipped and sucked and licked the soft folds, driving her partner slowly insane. Her mouth closed onto a hardened nub just as three fingers plunged into Jaime's velvet core. One hard pull and three thrusts later, Jaime was convulsing around her small lover and screaming out her name.

"Oh God, Oh God, Oh God," she murmured over and over as she drew the sweat-soaked woman up her tall frame. Their lips and tongues met in a feverish dance while their bodies slowly recovered.

Long moments later, their breaths returned to normal and they lay snuggled tightly together. Jaime pulled her head away just far enough to gaze into her lover's eyes.

"Welcome home, my love."

The End.

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