Under a Colorado Sky

by PatsBard

Disclaimers: This is an Uber western loosely based on two certain characters we all know and love. The characters in this particular story, however, are mine alone along with the rest of the tale. Please ask for permission before "borrowing" anything from this story.

Sex: Haven't decided yet, but probably if my editor has any say in the matter! This story deals with love between two women...if this bothers you, if you are too young for this type of story, or if it's illegal in your area, please find other reading material. There is a very good possibility that this story will have at least one explicit sex scene in it.

Violence: Yep...it's a western...what did you think?

©2000 All Rights Reserved PatsBard

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Editor: L. Atlas (to whom I give many thanks and my undying gratitude)

Author's Note, June 1999: A reader was kind enough to question the existence of high-powered binoculars in the time setting of this story. Upon doing research, I found that binoculars were invented in 1871, the phrase "high-powered" in 1893. I corrected the story and used "spyglasses" instead. I also made a few other minor technical corrections...italics and so forth. Thanks for all your feedback, gentle readers.