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Look at me, I'm sweet bardie
Lousy with pacificity
They say it's a gaff but l won't use my staff
I can't, I'm for harmony

Watch it, hey, cos I've found my way
And I'm here to have my say
I've found Eli now and my spirit will grow
And Xe can find her way

I don't hit or bash
I've even taken the lash
And Eli's making eyes at me
Keep his healing paws
Off my innocent drawers
Cos I was virginal even with Perdy

As for Xe; oh, don't look at me
Even with baths and massage therapy
I see your lust and I'm about to bust
I'm just into pacificity

Aiden, Krafstar, just let me be
Keep bogus faith away from me
I'll look like a fool
Stubborn just like a mule
Pacificity rules,
I'm just Gabby

May 26, 1999
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Paradise Blown

Twas the night before Xena and there wasn't a sound.
I'd tucked all my kids in and was just sitting around.
I drank me some Zin and got myself all in gear
For I knew that XWP soon would be here
I sat by the tv all tended with care,
The room was all quiet, not a peep would one dare!
The commercial was over, the episode began...
It was 'Paradise Found' with a hot tub again!
Just watching the bard handle Xe with such care
Made for some dampness on more than my chair
The symbolism, the costumes, the music just right
The ep of the season! Oh boy, what a night!
Then Xe sat in the hot tub crunching Gab's hand in bliss
This Xenites just knew there was something amiss!
As the ep got half way there came such a roar
My eyes opened wide and I stared at the door!
And who did I gander with gnarly long teeth?
Twas the Warrior Willard looking dug up from beneath.
I really do ponder about Gar and his 'sir'
I know Xe has many skills but that allusion's a blurr
There was yin/yang, massages and subtext to boot
But with RatWoman's arrival, its greatness was moot
Wonder Bard's on a quest and I do feel her pain
But Xe needs attention 'fore she goes right insane!
When I rewind it to see subtext so sublime
I'll focus on wet Xe and naked Bard every time!
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Passion at Sunrise

Waking to her soft breath upon my
Hands as they lovingly cradle her breasts,
I am entranced, my passion rising
With each breath she takes.
Closing my eyes, I'm aware of my
Willful hands, cupping and kneading
The pert flesh of her ample tits.
I move closer so as to feel her
Firm ass against my dark curls,
Slowly moving my wayward hand down
To finger her fine golden fleece.
As I am caught in the web of my desire,
So am I caught within the steady gaze
Of my waking lover as she turns to
Help kindle the fire I have begun.
The slow caress of dawn's fingers
Moving slowly over the ripe horizon
Fills my sight with her sweet profile
And my heart is lost once more.
As it was, is and ever shall be.

April 1, 1999
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Patient Yearnings

Taking your trembling hand in mine
I let you know without words
That I am here, patient and loving.
My heart is full as I outline the beauty
That is you with my adoring eyes.
Longing to touch you, yearning for
The sweetness of your lips, the scent
Of your passion, I stand resolute.
The distance that surrounds us will
Never fully keep us apart for even now,
I can feel as our souls touch;
Caressing, enfolding, commingling
Until it is impossible to see where
The friendship ends and the
Love begins.

April 6, 1999
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Pieces of Dreams

Like a puzzle
She brought forth the pieces
Both light and dark
Both yin and yang
And described each one
So the other would see
Just what it had been missing:
A paradise found
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Plodding Patience

Not a very long wait now.
But each day until Thursday
I'll sit here and worry
and worry away.
Through the season's eps
Right from the start
I've feared this moment
And it hurts my heart.
I sit and think
And think some more
Wondering just what
TPTB have in store?
So spoiler space
Stay clear of me!
I love your site
Oh, Mary D!
But l cannot
Will not
Board that bus and go
And dribble
And snivel
Before the show.
It's Just A Show
Heard far and wide
And I nod my head
Eyes open and wide
But still
So shrill
Within my head
Whispers the truth:
Xe and Gabs are dead.

May 12, 1999
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The Poet

She speaks the words I long to hear,
Each utterance, in turn, caressing my mind,
Heating my body as they wash over me,
Dropping from rose petal lips that wear
The knowing smile of a lover well versed
In the response her words, her touch can bring.
And as she declares each sobriquet
I am caught, transfixed and laid bare before her;
Ripe for the taking.
Every fiber of my being thrums hotly against
The molten tower of her words,
Echoing in my mind,
Reverberating in a wild tempo
At the base of my belly.
Thoughts and feelings course
Through my brain, ebbing and flowing:
Two bodies moving together within damp sheets;
Skin glistening as cry after cry is wrung
Tenderly, patiently, ardently from each lover.
As the poet quietly closes her book
And looks down at me
She knows;
My lust barely sheathed within
The loose confines of my adoration.
And once more I am claimed
By the power of words.

June 21, 1999

For Chrystos
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I like poetry that makes me think...
that tickles my mind
and makes me finish the unspoken thought unbidden...
l like poetry that has my eyebrows go up and down...
that makes my tummy squiggle
with the nice cool memory
that washes over me as l read a word, a line.
I like poetry because it is.
It is the truth in that single moment in time
when the writer, the thought, the emotions
are all one
And the reader gets to share it
and somehow make it their own.

August 8, 1999
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He comes to spend time with his kids.
You know there will be damage control
To be dealt with later, but still you let
Them go.
You sit and wonder just how much
Deprogramming you'll be looking at;
Another child cries himself to sleep;
The accusatory looks a daughter gives
As she blames you for everything wrong
In her life; and you're left holding the broken
Pieces, trying to keep them from
Shattering further, their sharp edges
Cutting deeply into the hands reached out
To help not hinder.
Why? Why do I say nothing and let his
Poison eat at me?
There are no answers only more questions.
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Pressures of Everyday Life

When life gets too 'real',
Too hard to handle;
When the pressure of
Everyday life becomes
So heavy that you feel
Unable to go on;
It is now, this very moment
When you have to
Step away from the
Total chaos that
Governs your life and
Threatens to destroy you.
When you see life with
unclouded eyes, your vision
Clear once more, you can
Truly appreciate the joy
That surrounds you,
Previously unseen,
Waiting to be discovered
Once more.
In the eyes of friendship,
And the touch of love.
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Promised Dew

The soft whisper of your honeyed voice
Falls on my ears like dainty kisses,
Sun drenched and full of promise.
The gentle touch of your sweet mouth
Lingers on my heated skin,
Causing my heart to race alarmingly.
My fingers tremble with anticipation
As l watch your tongue slip between
The soft petals of your mouth
And I want you with desperation,
With longing so deep that the only
Thing that keeps me sane,
Keeps me from shattering into very
Sharp, small condensed pieces of
The purest energy is the way your
Smile bursts upon me with the force
Of a million suns, spreading warmth
Within my mind with a voice
Which claims me solely
And eases my impassioned heart:
'Forever more'.

June 16, 1999
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Protesting of The Way

There was a young woman who protested
The way that The Way had been bested
'It's censorship!', she cried,
'They never watched and they lied!'
Fool's Day was the day Xenites were tested.

Lisa Jain and Becky et al
Decided XWP wouldn't take the fall
Hindu Fundamentalists done this deed
First Amendmentalists, take heed!
Garner names, let's give it a stall.

So the word was The Way, they cried
It was violent, yes, Xe almost died.
But she prayed to their deity
Showing reverence and piety
And for this Tapert/RenPic were fried.

It's a shame there are those who won't see it
There'll be copies, that's true, albiet
It just won't be the same
Gives Free Speech a bad name
And they can't rerelease unrewrit.

April 17, 1999
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Puerile Importance

In a moment of pique
Finding myself against the wall
Yet again
I turn away from truth
Denying its purpose in my life

It cannot hurt me, I reason,
If I turn away
If I choose not to see
And walk my path alone
Never touching the face of God

August 2, 1999