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Conscience is the chamber of justice.


The Courtroom is a site for alternative fiction and poetry. The site's been in existence, in one shape or form, since early 1999. It has nothing to do with the law, lawyers, courtrooms, court reporters, judges and/or any form of justice (or injustice for that matter). You might, however, find a little bit of legalese in some of the fiction.

Confused yet? Have lots of questions? If so, In Chambers contains mailing list information. Join up and practice your cross-examination techniques on a whole host of characters, er, I mean witnesses, to find out more info about the authors, the stories, the poems, etc. You'll also be privy to the previews of new fiction and poetry that hasn't been added to the site yet. If you're not the cross-examining type, but do like to know what's going on, there's also an "Announcements Only" list for site/story/poetry updates.

Confused, but dont't have any questions? Or are you the adventurous type who likes to wade right in? Then check out Recent Filings for What's New. The Docket's Fiction and Poetry sections list the works available on this site.

Already digested everything this site has to offer? Has it left you wanting more? Notable Filings in Other Jurisdictions contains a small collection of web sites offering hours of reading pleasure.

Still looking for more to read? Check out the Rules of Court for answers to many of life's questions.

And finally, what would a courtroom be without rules? The Bailiff's Announcement contains general warnings and disclaimers, terms of use and copyright information.

Please remember to feed the authors and poets. It's the only reward they get for the time, talent, effort and small piece of themselves they share with you, the reader.

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