by ArdentTly

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Faith's Release

When times are tough
It's good to know
You have a place
In which to go
To share those fears
And heart's unease
Deep in your soul
Find faith's release.
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Falling For A Friend

I feel so far away from you
And I wanna be by your side
There were nights we talked as friends
But my love has made me blind

Now that time is so far below us
I don't want this feeling to end
And it's so hard to stop this love
I need to be more than just a friend

Oh, I've learned some hard cold lessons
From a time when I fell apart
And I know you've wondered why
I've look at you so hard

I have a heart that's ripe for love
I still wanna be your friend
But I never want to wake up someday
And wonder what might have been

And it's so hard to stop this love
When two hearts beat in unison
As if I ever really could
Let me be more than just a friend

I have a heart that's ripe for love
And I need my soul to mend
I never want to wake up someday
And wonder what might have been
May 26, 1999
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The First Time

I remember the first time I kissed a woman.
Not the sweet small kiss between friends or family
But the all consuming lustful ones that seem to
Override thought process and things we take for granted ~
Like breathing.
Being close enough to see the fine hairs at her temples;
The dainty eyelashes; her breath quickening
In preparation for our first encounter;
The trembling of her muscles, just beneath her skin.
It was intoxicating.
Reaching with cautious hands, wanting to touch
That previously denied, my breath was caught
At the sight of her alabaster breasts;
The rosy nipples pebbling before my very eyes.
Watching in wonder.
That moment when I looked into her eyes and saw
Without a doubt, that the lust and desire I was experiencing
Was being mirrored in the blue eyes before me
Incited my passion; rising like an inferno,
Consuming us both.
There was nothing in my life to compare to the feeling
That washed over me as I held her afterwards;
Watching with furrowed brow as she wept with sparkling eyes.
The experience forever changed me
I was now complete.
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For Eternity

The God of War stood proud and tall
Savoring death as he grinned
He watched as the battle raged on
Defying him had Xena sinned
She'd turned away, so brash and strong
Traded his favour for that of a bard
He needed her where she belonged
So he played out his last card
He loosed his arrow fast and true
And watched with apparent glee
As green locked with eyes of blue
They'd be apart for eternity
"Xena, it hurts!" is what she said
And a knife did pierce Xe's heart
Before she could help, the bard was dead
And Xena's world just fell apart
As the warrior wailed up to the sky
The foundations of Olympus shook
Hades cringed and gave a great sigh
His duty now plain in his look
He sent his oath so fair and free
He had to right Ares wrong
They'd be together for eternity
Together where they belonged.

February 4, 1999
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Cupping your sweet face
Seeing the love that shines there
Mine forever more
May 01, 1999
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Fractured Soul

I would give everything I have
To hold you and tell you
'I'll love you forever and a day'.
Wanting to whisper it in your ear,
Needing to hold you
Tightly in my embrace
And feel your breath upon my skin.
Knowing that what you needed
Was for me to let you go
Shattered my heart beyond repair.
Remembering the touch of your lips,
And the love reflected in your eyes,
I denied the cold unyielding truth
Fighting to keep the darkness at bay.