by ArdentTly

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Ebony Fire

'Surrender to me,
Give me control.
Let me take you
Where you fear to go.'
My fingers shook
My breath held tight
To cede control
Would it be alright?
My eyes cast down
Her very will destroyed
As silken forceful
Hands employed
And as I heard
Her cry my name
Her wanton flesh
My hand to tame
I knew that I
Was lost, now found
As to dark lust
My soul was bound.

August 30, 1999
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The Emotion Formerly Known as Love

Hurt me, bruise my heart
But take me to that place
Where only lovers go
And l'll give to you what l can
Just understand
It's only for a little while
For love is just
Another way of dying
Til there's nothing left to give
And still you live on
Inside the pain
Until love's sweet song
Temps you once more
Washing against the
Bastions of your heart
june 30, 1999
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I want you so much
I need to feel your touch
And know that You
Are mine.
Your arms about me
Your love sets me free
Feeling our souls
I hold you with care
Needing you like air
And you respond
In kind.
And I feel such bliss
To hold you like this
Our hearts this love
Does bind.
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The Epic Sacrifice

There was a young bard from Potidaeia
Who was captured on her way to Bodicea
The flames put her in shock
While in the embrace of Dahok
How she came with child, she has no idea.
Xe battled the Deliverer with force
And saved her sweet bard, of course
But the bard's guile was gone
She didn't know how to go on
And Xe's soul was filled with remorse.
Now the two have forever been changed
Gab's faith gone and trust rearranged
They were on a dark path
In the shadow of Dahok's wrath
Gabrielle's Hope would prove to be strange.
The love that the bard did feel
For her changling child was real
Tho try as she might
Xe knew something wasn't right
And their life became very surreal.
When Xe gazed upon Hope in her glory
She knew winning o'er Dahok would be gory
For the changling was strong
And the bard she had wronged
She saw Ares and then knew the story.
Seemed the God of War had thrown in
And began to destroy the gods from within
He coupled with Dahok's spawn
Disdaining brain, choosing brawn
Olympus shook from his horrible sin.
When Xe raised the Hind's dagger to Hope
She was literally at the end of her rope
For the Fates had decreed
That her life was the deed
It was a trade for which Gabs couldn't cope.
The bard watched the scene with horror and pain
For she knew her Xe's destiny ordained
She leapt towards Hope
Sliding down the fiery slope
Dahok's loss was Olympia's gain.
Xe stood there with tears in her eyes
The bard's actions had been a surprise
Gabs had been willing to die
To save the warrior's life
She'd made the ultimate sacrifice.
Now Xena walks alone o'er the land
Against evil did she take a stand
But the price was too high
Making part of her die
She wore her bereavement like a fiery brand.
She cried to the heavens that night
Altho she knew what she'd done was right
She just didn't care
Life was only despair
She was in darkness for Gab was her light.
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This loneliness
Is killing me
It rends my heart
Oh can't you see?
I need you now
Right here with me
Come mend my soul
And set me free
My hearts been broken
I've lost my way
I need you now
Don't turn away
Cos what we have
I must believe
Is for all time
For eternity
Come be with me
Oh warrior mine
Get past the fears
Give me a sign
You know I'm yours
Forever more
Please let me in
Don't shut the door
My hearts been broken
I've lost my way
I need you now
Don't turn away
Cos what we have
I must believe
Is for all time
For eternity
I must believe!
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Examination of a Life

It was a life I was seeking;
Sitting here in a hotel room
Having bugged out with my kids.
Wondering just how it could be
That I'd been married to a man
Who belittled me, stole my self confidence,
Made me justify my very existence
And was responsible for extorting
Virtually all of my creativity.
It made me question my own sanity.
Why had I stayed so long?
It was a death, I realized;
A protracted one to be sure
But an expiration all the same.
Had I been aware of the insidious
Murder of all that I was,
Surely I'd have put an end to it.
Watching him becoming more
Verbally and emotionally abusive,
Made me realize if not for myself
Then for my kids, I had to get out.
Why had it taken so long?

March 15, 1999