by ArdentTly

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Dance of Life

Before I changed partners
Caught in a waltz of my own making,
I would find myself dancing alone.
Discovering my forte was
A two step brought me clear understanding
That I'd been looking in all the wrong places.
Holding the soft hands of new partners,
Discovering our own rhythm,
Moving closer and closer;
The dance of life more intricate than I'd imagined.
Noting how well she compliments me;
How well we move together;
Our bodies swaying to a rhapsody
Made from the age old rhythm of desire.
Each partner, a concerto;
Each dance, a symphony.
And I shall be both maestro
And soloist;
Dancing as fast as I can.
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Looking over at your sleeping form
My eyes roam carefully over ever inch
Marking it, savoring it
Just as I did with my hands and mouth
Hours ago.
I can see my fingerprints on your flesh,
The imprint of my teeth at your throat,
Your neck, your belly
And remember the urgency of
Our lovemaking,
The sound of your lust pounding against me,
Making me hold you tighter
Love you deeper
And faster until time stands still
And we both fall into the deepest
Waters imaginable.
I raise my eyes once more to caress
The fine soft hairs at your temples
And see your eyelids flicker and then
The want so palatable, so pure.
And sleep is forgotten as you mark me
With your love,
My lust
Our need.

July 10, 1999
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Death's Mistress

The feathered darkness
That wings o'er head
Bodes ill will
But cannot compare
To the midnight tresses
Of the dark mistress.
Nor can the coldest sky
Stand a chance 'side
The cobalt vision
Aimed your way
As beauty walks
Hand and hand
With life's illusion.
The lucifer star
Wanes as the luster
Of her smile promises
Both haven and ruination.
Touch not the burnished form
Of Death's emissary
For her kiss,
Much sweeter than nectar,
Shall carry you to the
Dark Lord's realm and
Your torment shall be but
One more stone she will carry
Before judgement casts
Its cruel eyes upon her.

August 6, 1999
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The Debt

Gab and Xe and Argo make three
As they trudge across this land.
They try real hard, the warrior and bard
For goodness and right they stand.

Sometimes Xe feels lost, still tied to that cross
At the mercy of the Roman Elite.
But for the girl from away, she'd have died that day,
Twas a mercy for one filled with deceit.

As she watched M'Lila die, with a tear in her eye
Xe vowed she'd been reborn that night.
So she turned away from the light shown her that day
And grabbed the darkness with all of her might.

Xe went to Chin where she'd never been
And made Borias her man.
When he threw her out, with a shove and a clout
She became hunted and so she ran.

A woman there of great beauty and fair
Took Xena into her heart.
She gave her a bath and showed her a path
With goodness and love from the start.

Xe learned from Lao Ma that there's a greater law
Than the one that comes with a sword.
So she turned her back on Ares and his pack
And dethroned herself as Lord.

So with a debt to pay, Xe keeps darkness at bay
And tries so hard to atone.
With Gab by her side, it'll be quite a ride
Cos she'll never again be alone.
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Delayed Harvest

Rich pungent soil full of promise
Slips between careworn hands;
Fields now left fallow,
Awaiting the fresh bloom of spring.
July 23, 1999
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Touching your face;
Caressing the fears away.
Both feeling lost and yet
Your arms my salvation;
Your loving touch
Soothes my anxious soul;
Deliverance at your hands.

April 6, 1999
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Delusia's Suite

Delusia's a place where singing's no crime
Where all you need do is make a quick rhyme
As Gabby and Xe were lying in sand
Did anyone see Xe reach out a hand?
Who really knows just what they do
When out of the shot and away from the crew?
Some Xenites think they cuddle up close
Does Gabby get stoic and Xena verbose?
Some like to think they share more than a kiss
But PTB aren't talking, they're side stepping this
Whether Gen or Alt their love's plain to see
Cos they share a bond thru eternity.
The 'verse has a fix on you
PTB play some tricks on you
We'll never know if they 'do it' or not.
Gamble the worth of Xe and let her bed Gabby
Don't shy away, oh PTB!
If it is written, please don't erase!
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My head is too heavy, my heart too weary.
The pain spreads across my shoulders
Radiating down my arms.
Sorrowful eyes clenched tightly and
My heart beats like an bee, trapped
In a bottle, filling my ears, drowning hope.
Gathering strength, I open my eyes
And find myself hanging, suspended
Over an endless pit of darkness.
My fingers are bent over like talons
Trying to find purchase, trying to delay
Wanting and needing and yet still unable
To ask for something, anything to stop my fall.
Closing my eyes once more, so tightly, that a
Million stars invade my being, burning a path
Along every vein, every nerve, every muscle.
Feeling an anguished scream, ready to be born
Trying to burst from my very soul.
And yet.
Where there is light there must be hope.
Where there is pain there must be life.
And my scream turns into a defiant roar
As my crooked fingers dig deeper into the
Harsh surface of my life.
I won't let go.
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Destiny's Quest

Xe and I, starin up at the sky
Thankful our day is done.
Fightin with might, doing what's right
From dawn til the settin sun.
She does her best to get off her chest
All the nasty and cruel things she done.
Travelin o'er Greece and making the peace
She'd atone 'til she thinks she's won.
But I already know, seeds of forgiveness will grow
And Hades will grant her reprieve
Cos he could see her good heart, right from the start
Her Destiny the Gods did weave.
As I look across that space and gaze at her face
And see my love look back at me!
I had thought she was dead, it filled me with dread
Now Death's cold vision will never be.
Cos who can say, had Cortese not come that day
Where Xe of Amphipolis would be?
I know I would wait as the Fates would dictate
For the Warrior Princess, my destiny.
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It is the shape of her hip;
The jut of her jaw;
The dimple at the base of her throat
That attracts me.

It is the smile on her face;
The laughter in her voice;
The courage in her heart
That keeps me.

It is the heat of her touch;
The desire burning from her eyes;
The questing of her tongue
That owns me.

It is the gentle tear on her face;
The warmth of her smile upon my soul;
The acceptance of my hopes and dreams
That binds me to her ever more.

April 26, 1999
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Ill winds buffet
As she turns her face
To the cold heartless
Whose eyes burn
Across her strong shoulders
Her good brave heart

She does not turn away
But meets it head on
Knowing that although
She may bend
She will never break

And a knowing smile
Graces her lips
As the storm rages on

August 4, 1999
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Divination Denied

Xena sits by the fire, lost in
The horrors of every day life.
She fights alone, finally realizing her
Way was not the path best chosen
For one so gentle and mild.
Her dreams of the bard being her partner in
All things, mere wisps; forever lost;
Their paths separated yet part of
The same eternal soul.
April 28, 1999