by ArdentTly

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Someone stepped on my muse today
Now she's contrary
Hides her face away
Won't talk to me with her lucid smile
And her golden tongue
Won't come out and play
Someone filled my heart with stone
And cast me down
Leaving me all alone
They played me like a ferris wheel
All fast and easy
With those highs and lows
Now I'm left here to sit and glare
With veins of dust
And cold hands of clay
Making me want to scream out loud
As the words just sit
And I've lost my way.

August 11, 1999
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My life of mundane living
Used to fit me perfectly
Then l found it was the wrong one
I didn't live it, it lived me

Now I wear a suit of colours
And it fits me like a glove
I have found a life worth living
Is it sanctioned from above?

But oh there are those days
When the mundane life looks good
With the safety net in place
And my position understood.

But when I look upon my life
As stressful as can be
I see that its the right one
I live it and it fits me.

June 19, l999
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Just the two of us
We loved so much
It's so hard to say goodbye
The feelings are there
And l know you care
The love's changed for you inside

I remember holding your hand
As we walked the sand
Talking of friends in our lives
The hopes we bared
Thoughts and dreams we shared
That we were two of a kind

And l remember
Thinking it would be
Just you and me
Together, forever

Where did we go wrong
Now l don't belong
And it's eating me alive
As each day goes by
You are further away
Where does our love reside?

So wherever you go
I want you to know
That you'll always have my heart
And it's all so tough
You didn't love me enough
Just a fantasy from the start

And l remember
Thinking it would be
Just you and me
Loving forever

Loving together
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Cobalt Glare

She stands alone
Cobalt squinting into the noonday sun
Its rays dancing along the swirls of armour
Along the hard cold edge of her smile
Eyebrow cocked
Burning steel tight within her fist
Her ululating cry sings out
And every heart is seized by an invisible vise
Held fast in the sure knowledge that they may run
They may hide
But sooner or later
They'll fall before her
On their knees in subjugation
Their hearts easily surrendered
Whether on the battlefield
Or in their steamy, passionate
Well journeyed fantasies
Forever out of reach and denied
Vanquished by a sea of green
An oasis of honeyed skin
A cap of silk so fine
As to deny description
It is her voice that resounds
Within the battlements of
The Warrior Princess

June 19, 1999
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Words of wisdom
Words of delight
They touch me, bless me
Give me sight
Strung together
A string of pearls
Glistening globes
Or ebony swirls
All alone,
Distinct and one
Each has the power
A deed undone

Words of anger
Words of spite
Spoken rashly
Then contrite
Blackened clouds
Filled with rain
Acid tears
Fall with disdain
Rage and sorrow
Hand in hand
Wounded hearts
That will not mend

Words of loving
Words of care
Passion's words
Lover's despair
Painting pictures
Stories told
Weaving words
With love are bold
Each so rich
Like cherry wood
They touch our soul
Just as they should

Open wide
And let them in
Glean their essence
Through the din
But feel them touch you
Caress your soul
Each has a purpose
Each has a goal
But best of all
Is that unspoken
The longing looks
Of hearts unbroken

June 7, 1999
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A man came to my door today;
His face stoney and mouth filled with dirt.
He looked very solemn and I knew
My life, as I'd known it, was over.
He didn't know what to say after
Ripping my heart out of my chest.
He shuffled from foot to foot,
Wanting to be anywhere but with me;
I was glad when he left me there,
Bleeding on the floor.
I sat in the corner with my son's baby book
And counted the teeth I'd saved;
Each one filled with a treasured memory.
How I longed to run my fingers thru his hair;
Kiss him good night; even scold
Him for being tardy with his school work.
I sat in the dark, listening to the clock
Measuring the seconds in my life;
Each one a little death.
And I wondered, how could it be
That I'd been able to drag my boy thru
All the dangers of childhood,
Finally reaching a point where I could
Sit back and take a well deserved rest;
Thinking that his future was my own.
Aside from bits of bone, a lock
Of hair and a lifetime of memories and
Regrets, I have nothing;
Nothing but the cold realization that
Permanence is a concept we trick ourselves
Into believing so we can sleep at night.
Can I ever close my eyes again and not
See the footage, the eye witness accounts?
His life has been reduced to a sad footnote
On a life gone bad.
Who will remember us when the next shot
Is fired, the next son or daughter is killed?
Who will care?
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Holding you close, after a wild and passionate tryst;
Feeling the blood still gushing thru my heart;
Waiting until the last spasm leaves your body;
Looking into your sated face, knowing I put that smile there.
Seeing that 'look' that comes to your eyes;
Knowing I'll be grabbing for something soon enough,
Trying to ground myself as you reciprocate;
That mirrored smile upon my own face.
Waiting, cuddling, holding;
Wanting the moment to last;
Knowing it can't.
Bidding you farewell until next time.
Countdown to paradise.

March 17, 1999
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Crap Shoot

Life is just a crap shoot.
The shape of the die;
The slant of the table;
The turn of the wrist;
The prayers spoken
In hushed tones
For fear of being mocked
Or heard by the wrong deity.
The cast of the cubes;
The lie of the truth,
Greeted with anger,
Remorse or joy.
When all is said and done,
You play the hand you were dealt.
Sometimes you win;
Sometimes you lose;
But if you don't play
You are merely a spectator
And life runs you over,
Leaving you broken
Without ever knowing whether
You could have been a contender.
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The Creation of Xe Amphipoli

Now Xena, you see was from Amphipoli
where the cotton blooms and blows.
Why she left her home in the south to roam
to conquer Greece, only Cortese knows.

She wasn't always so cold, but truth be told
Power always held her like a spell.
Though she'd often say in her warlordly way
She'd see Cortese in hell.

One very cold night, as we lay packed tight
in our furs around the fire.
Argo was fed and the stars o'erhead
Made Xe's eyes gleam like a sapphire.

She turned to me, and Gab, says she,
'I'm a hero thanks to you, I guess
My warlord daze was fun, but I guess their done
You sure pulled me outta that mess.'

Gabs looks at her Xe, lookin wild and free
and puts a finger to her lip
'Now look here dear Xe, don't go soft on me!
Come close for a nice first kiss.'

Gabs said it so low that Xe couldn't say no;
then she says with a sort of moan:
'My heart was so cold and its only right to hold
these sins til I can fully atone.

I'll never be free', said Xe of Amphipoli
'Til I've paid for every wrong with right.
I want you to swear, that foul or fair
You'll still love me with all of your might.'

A lover's great need is a thing to heed,
So I swore I would not fail.
So we loved on and on, til the streak of dawn
My gods, the moon made her look pale!

Her breasts were so ripe, by the burning fire's light,
That I swear I could hardly think!
I loved her so well, every valley and dell
Of her passions deep did I drink.

When finally she lay, looking fresh as the day
And the morn finally began to start.
Her soul I did mend and the hatred did spend
Til what was left was a pure gold heart.

She made love to me, in a way that's just Xe
Both harshly and gentle and kind
On me she did sup, so I couldn't get up
And I thought surely I'd lost my mind.

Now when we're away, walking day to day
With each other the only company
I think back to that night, what a wonderful sight
It was when Xe first made love to me.
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Cuming of the Day

Fingers just a twitchin
Clothin is askew
Things are just a bitchin
I'm sniffin after you

If you think yer safe,girl
Just you remember this
I'd love to play with your curls
And seal it with a kiss

Run my tongue along it
And slipping deep inside
I nibble upon your clit
And give you a sweet ride

Tell me that you love me
And cry out loud my name
Immerse you deep in love's sea
For all in love's a game

As I ride you sweetly
Let nothing us dismay
And we will fuck repeatly
Til dawn turns into day

You lie within my arms now
An angel in my bed
A kiss upon your sweet brow
You came where you were led.

So now l'll let you go then
And you be on your way
If you need me, say when
And I'll brighten up your day.
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Cyber Lover

It will be my lust you feel when you shut down your monitor,
Close down your evening of frivolity and climb the stairs to bed.
I'll be the woman in your dreams that holds you like no other can,
That will touch every part of your body, pinning you to the bed
In such a way as to leave no doubt in your mind as to whose woman you are.
And it will be my name you cry in the night as you feel your legs parted,
Your self entered and your soul cleansed of realities hardships.
When you close your eyes it's my fingerprints that are left on your body
And my breathe that sears your lungs after lying the night with me.
It will be my teeth that leave phantom marks that only you can see as
You towel yourself off after feeling me pressing against you,
Mashing your breasts against the cold tiles, my form imprinted upon your body.
When you awaken in the morning to twisted sheets damp with the dew
Of our dreamscape trysts, you will know me.

August 20, 1999