by ArdentTly

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There was a lovely woman from Oz
Who got herself pregnant because
She had a new honey
Who made her feel all over funny
And wanted lots more, not Laws....less.
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Baby Blues

Lucy Lawless came from away down in Oz
Got the flu, was overworked, had the blahs
Did Maxxim and the news
Flashing more than baby blues
Her dream therapy should garner applause.
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Bring it to me, darlin
I wanna hear your song
Straight out from your heart, dear
Cry out and sing it strong
Let loose the bard with you
Come bleed your heart to me
Purge out all your demons
Let your images fly free
Embrace what lies within you
And let your spirit soar
Feel the energy released
Set you free for ever more
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I move slowly against you,
Feeling your flesh yield to me
As I feel you open like the
Petals of a flower in full bloom.
Your sweet fragrant bouquet
Lays siege against my senses
As you fill my mind with thoughts
So passionate and erotic that
You sear my very soul.
July 24, 1999
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The Battle of OAAA

She stands there in leathers in all sorts of weather
Her sword and her chakram, too.
Her armour so fine, it's breast plate does shine
Her hair dark and eyes azure blue.

She stands 6 feet tall and its like hitting a wall
When you go head to head with her.
Better get in your shot, cos this warrior is hot
Her filps and moves are merely a blurr.

She's called Xe of Amphipolis, made her mark down in Tripolis
Stopping the Persians from Marathon.
Gabs took an arrow, Xe's win it was narrow
But soon had them all on the run.

The Persians were shocked, their advancement was blocked
One warrior? It just couldn't be.
Even cut up and bruised, they could see that they'd lose
'Go home, there are many more just like me.'

When they finally took off, she lay back in the loft
All bruised up but grinning with glee.
Seemed she beat their elite, with fists and with feet
And managed to save her Gabby.

Now the tale will be told of a warrior bold
The Destroyer of Nations is dead!
Now fighting for right with all of her might
The Warrior Princess is left in her stead!

With a cry of YIYIYI and a gleam in her eye
She'll fight til she's finally won
With she and Gabby, Greece will be free
And the shout will be 'Battle On!'
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Before Morn

When things are the darkest,
Just before morn;
When you're feeling down hearted
And very forlorn;
Just look deep within you
And you will see,
The light of benevolence:
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You look across eternity and feel two souls touch
And find yourself drowning,
willingly into emotions so loving, so intimate,
So enriching that the mere thought
Of their absence leaves you weak
And disoriented, feeling bereft and alone;
knowing without a doubt,
You will have someone to walk with
All the days of your life,
To share each part of your heart and soul;
Truly a benediction from the Gods.
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Beware the Conqueror

She takes what she wants
Cos it's all just a game
The Destroyer of Nations
was her fame
She's a killer, she's a lover
She's a warrior, too
She's the Conqueror, baby
And she'll get to you
A wild force of nature
With a killer smile
All packaged up nice
With her feminine wiles
She'll take you and woo you
And then when she's done
She'll get what she needs
And leave cos she's won
She's Ares pet project
And the Lord of his dreams
All beauty and charm
But not what she seems
Tall, dark and dangerous
With a killer's eye
She'll cut you and bleed you
With a casual sigh
Don't try to redeem her
Cos she doesn't care
There is no remorse
Behind her cold stare
So beware the Conqueror
With the ice in her veins
The future is black
When the Conqueror reigns
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Beware the Warrior

Beware the warrior with the look in her eye
You may think she's easy but don't even try
A seasoned tactician and ex-warlord, too
Get within reach and she will have you
Xe stands there, wearing only a smile
She's a predator, like a crocodile
She can morph into beauty and grace
The skills of a killer, a dress can't erase
Quietly lying there looking so still
But she's measuring you for the kill
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The Bitter and Suite of It

They stood there, those two, with nothing to do
But watch loved ones go up in flame.
While Gab needed to talk, Xe took her a walk
On the wild side, all burning with blame.

So Gabby went on, a true Amazon
To stay with Ephiny, her friend.
Gabby wanted to die, for Xena she'd cry
For the rest of her life til the end.

Then Xena came in, taking life on the chin
And dragged her poor Gabby around.
No one more shocked, her temper full cocked
Than the regent, her duty she found.

As Xe rode off by horse, not Argo of course
And headed on out to the sea;
She held Gabby high, reaching up to the sky
And 'Vengeance!', she shouted with glee.

Then Gabby awoke, and sure went for broke
Yelling she hated her Xe.
She took a full run, and both were undone
To Illusia they went through the sea.

Now Xe was all hurt, her heart filled with dirt
From burying her only son.
Took it out on the bard, love splintered to shards
She wanted the pain to be done.

But she'd have to wait, cos the Fates had a date
With a future consisting of Hope.
Both filled with such hate, each detesting their mate;
They were both at the ends of their rope.

When Xe finally faced Tien, the great lie from Chin
She saw what losing Gabby would mean.
So she poured out her heart, right from the start
And wiped both their slates nice 'n clean.

Now the season is over, and Dahok has drove her
Poor Gabby down to the abyss.
And no one will know, where the love of love goes
And how to get back to that kiss.

And as for Bitter Suite, lets have a repeat!
Let their loving show nothing amiss.
For Gab loves her Xe, its so easy to see
It's all in the lips they have kissed.
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You know what I want.
I have what you need.
Loose the ties and set you free
And in the losing,
Unfettered I'll soar
Chained by lust's black heart no more.
You know what I have
I need what you want
Carnal ways laid bare to flaunt.
And in the claiming
My darkness set free,
Lashed with lust's debauchery.
August 26, 1999
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By Any Other Name

Ruby red lips are
Speaking and yet
I do not hear
With but my heart
As I watch you
Partake of
The crimson grape
So rich in body
So pungent
In taste and aroma
I tremble as you
Lift the glass to
Your lips
The rich vermillion
Touches skin so soft
So fragrant
That the battle
Of the rose is short
And yet so sweet.
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By Definition

Went out into the hard cold world, eyes open wide;
Tried to share the love, the passion inside.
Had so much to lose, so much to gain;
Wasn't prepared for so much pain.
The love that I feel, kept deep down inside;
The person I was seems to have died.
Now I'm left with a person who's free;
Somehow lost in her new reality.
I look in the mirror and see what's there:
A loving person, someone who cares.
But labels are cruel, what do they say?
Defined by your needs; abhorent and gay.