by ArdentTly

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Curse the winds of love that blew
Love to Trish cos now she's blue
Her sweet lover wasn't true
Oh fickle!

She was oh so very nice
Now she's just as cold as ice
No one ever cut as deeply
As Sweetie

Known for her prose/poetry
Trish sure fell for idolatry
Then a ring was given out
Poor Trish

She's a warrior poet
Who's as strong as an ox
She's got an open heart
But should keep it locked

With one look Sweets conquered her
Their love making was a blur
And deep love did she stir
In Trish

Now she left her all alone
And her heart feels made of stone
What bad karma must she atone
For this?

But you know that she'll survive
This pain tells her she's alive
And new love will arrive
One day

So until then, my friend
Xenaverse's ear I'll bend
With my sad poetry
Gotta love me.