by ArdentTly

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Lapsed Emotions

Every naked body l see
Only seems to remind me
Of just what we used to be

So nice to be embraced by you
And I know you felt it, too

Now the pain that holds me tight
Each and every damned cold night
Burns my soul and steals my sight

Your love wrapped me up so warm
A refuge hidden from the storm

So good to feel, so nice to taste
Now it's all gone, all a waste
Dry cold ash is my repast

And every love I try and feel
Only seems to remind me
Of just what we used to be

Love's repose stays fleetingly

August 7, 1999
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The camp overflows as refugees
Seek shelter from the constant
And brutal efforts to rid the area
Of undesirable elements;
Life reduced to racial discord.
In the wee small hours of the morning
A new life enters into an era
Of hatred and violence;
Her sweet melodious cries lost
Within the cacophony of war.
Bright innocent eyes look and
See a brave new world,
Filled with possibilities;
Born in a field, perhaps she will
Only know of the wide open spaces
Freedom can instill.
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Lesbian Wine

Brushing her soft flaxen hair
From her tormented face,
I see a tear trace down
Where many more have fallen;
They lie at her feet, unremarked,
Like my withering soul.
Oh, how I want to take this woman
Who is my love, my heart, my life
Into my fierce embrace!
Wishing only to taste the
Delicate vintage of her full lips,
Instilling her with a more heady
Bouquet, allowing the robust mixture
To reach fusion,
Igniting her soul once more,
Thereby breaching the barriers that seem
To have sprung up before my
Unmindful eyes.
Her inner turmoil prevents me
As I see by her rigid posture
That any solicitation on my part
Would be unwelcome
And misconstrued.
Instead, we stand as if isolated,
The separation so vast that it is
As if we are worlds apart.
And my heart breaks for the taste
Of her lesbian wine.

March 25, 1999
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Let's Talk of Many Things

A parent is a wondrous thing
They put up with oh so much
From crack of dawn they toil for us
Our childhood gone in a rush

We take for granted their love and care
And think of them as immortal
Not realizing that one day
They'll journey through the portal

And then one day as they get old
Some wisdom, a pearl a gem
Has been granted from above
They are us and we are them

August 1, 1999
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A Life Bespoken

My hands upon her skin do linger;
Passion flares within my eyes.
Seeing the heights to which I bring her,
I revel in lustful cries.
Her oft kissed lips entreat desire
And it rises like a flame.
My fervent pace brings her much higher;
She shudders and calls my name.
As she lies within my warm embrace
Speaking gentle words to me,
A soft kiss upon her pleasing face
I bestow there lovingly.
For within her arms lies destiny
My life with her bespoken.
Our love the gods have entrusted me;
My life and sword as token.

March 16, 1999
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I would not
Could not
do that verse
I should not
WILL not
It's perverse!
This poor poet
Is left reeling
All the energy
It's stealing
If you must
You must continue
With this nauseating
Then I will be forced
To shout,
'Out, Lim, out!
Damned spot, out!'
So in parting
I'll say this
I think I will
Give Lim a miss
I'd much rather
Do a Seuss
I find his meter
So obtuse!
You can bend
Each line
You see
Working lyrics
With ability
So come on folks,
Give it a try
It is quite fun
Oh, don't be shy!

I would do it on a bed
But other things
Roam thru my head
I could try it on the pot
But concentration
Would be shot
Could l do it in a car
I've done more
Than that, by Gar!
Silly prose
And doggerel, too
Write and write
Until you're blue!
So, come join in
The water's fine!
It beats a Lim
in meter and rhyme
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There was a young woman, sublime
Who loved to partake in her wine
If she had much to drink
All the gals got a wink
And she hopped into bed all the time

There was a young poet and author
Who thought life with a man was a bother
She was a laureate and thespian
And a practicing lesbian
The only man she'd abide was her father.

There was a tall warrior from Greece
Who loved a woman who had golden fleece
Where ever they went
Xena's ire was never spent
The bard's oral skills kept her at ease

Here's the tale of Xe and Gabrielle
Who's proclivities tagged them for hell
They both started as friends
But found more in the end
Their true love was a story to tell

There was an ex warlord who had many skills
Her passions rose right after a kill
She'd visit her bard
Who'd try to get past her guard
Their love making was a battle of wills

There once was a warlord called Xe
Who used chakram and sword freely
She washed over the land
Taking the stand
That Lord Xena she'd forever be.

Conqueror Xena raged over all Greece
With velvet fist she enforced her peace
Crucifixion her fare
There was none could compare
And her bond with Ares never released.

Xena was an ex-warlord
Who traded peace in for a sword
She hooked up with a bard
Life was good but so hard
She atoned of her own accord.

Xe came from Amphipolis village
Forever changed by Cortese's pillage
Her heart was walled in
Gone was the woman she'd been
Now she immerses herself in death's carnage

Xena stood with her hands on her hips
And welcomed the oncoming ships
M'Lila said, 'NO!'
But destiny said, 'go'
'Break her legs', was spoken from Caesar's lips.

The bard and the warrior are together
They camp out under all sorts of weather
All they have is each other
As friend and as lover
They are bonded in every measure

There was a new bard on a list
He came on strong by doing some diss
He opened his mouth there
Was challenged to beware
But is laffing from the ass they have kissed

There was a young woman from the coast
Who thought XWP was the most
Though she liked Gab the bard
It was for Xe she got hard
One look at Maxim and she was toast

There was a young Xenite named Dutch
Who was fond of Gabrielle very much
But when she saw the Maxim pix
She was just in a fix
As her libido was stuck in a flux

I've seen some very nice pix of Lucy
A true Goddess if there's ever been
With legs up to her chest
There's no side that's the best
And it's all thanks to Mary D

There was a bard crazy 'bout Xe
She lusted after her happily
While she admired LL's work
Her libido was perked
When she saw Maxim pix of Lucy

When Maxim mag came out, Xenites were shovin
Cos risque shots of Lucy they were lovin
They couldn't get enough
Of her wonderful stuff
Numbers went up in the sale of toaster ovens
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Limericks - Lewd, Crude and Even Rude

The following is somewhat silly, oft times lewd, always crude and very rude. If you find dirty limericks not to your liking, please do not read.

Folks used to pander to Dite
But found her ways to be quite flighty
She was blonde til the end
So a hand did they lend
Too bad it was with Joxer the Mighty

That was pretty tame....

There was a curvaceous blonde goddess
Who was seldom found without her bodice
She was struck speechless one day
When a warrior had her way
Captivated by ways that were lawless


While the warrior and bard were off busy
Jox found himself in a bit of a tizzy
He bent o'er for a glass
Found Ares was up to his ass
And discovering such depths made him dizzy


Xena was known far and wide
As being a really wild ride
She made the men's day
So skilled in every way
But was whipped by a bard, emerald eyed


The bonnie bard Gabby, it seems
When enticed, could let out a scream
For when Xe tickled her fancy
She became bold and quite antsy
As she was suspended from rafter or beam


Fair Xena sat alone in her bath
All aglow from love's aftermath
Her ardent desires for the bard
Never made her feel tired
So she eased them with 'How To' scrolls by Sapph

Oh, l think that's enough....sheesh.
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Looking Outside Ourselves

A lustful urge
Compels a joining;
Two bodies moving together,
Brief words exchanged and
Time squandered in a
Pointless exercise meant
To soothe our raging torment.
And when the moment is past
The body sated
Still the urge remains
As we seek that moment in time
When the essence of who we are
Merges with the right person
And fucking becomes making love.

july 3, 1999
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Lord Xena

Her eyes are like brilliant sapphires.
Her warrior's soul has the glow of a million stars
...Going super nova all at once.
The air surrounding her is alive, radiating pure electricity.
For all things revolve around her;
She is Lord Xena - pure sexual energy,
Acting as a magnet,
Charismatic to all that fall before her,
Submitting to her unconquerable will.
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The tear that falls down from your eye
And courses down your cheek
Is a sign of your love for her
And never makes you weak
For with that droplet glistening
We peer into your soul
And there within resides your love
Your tears have made her whole.

June 5, 1999
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May you rise in the morning beside the one you love
See the love in their eyes, reflecting your own
And understand, without a shred of a doubt
That as long as you live
Your heart and soul will be filled
With the knowledge that their love
For you is true, never-ending and timeless.
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Love Lost

Looking into your eyes
Awash with tears
My heart is breaking
As is yours.
Both of us trying
Not to be wrong;
The love we'd shared ~
Just couldn't hold on.
The fears, the tears
The hopes and dreams
We had together;
All gone, it seems.
As my fingers leave
The face I adore,
My mask slips off;
I can't hide any more.

March 30, 1999
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A Lover's Clash

I watch as a dainty tear
slowly falls from loving eyes
And touches the sweet planes
Of your sunkist skin.
The cloud burst is past
And l bend my eager lips to sup
At the stream as it begins to pool
At the well of your throat.
My mouth is slaked
With this sweet gift
And your moans of delight
Assure me that my
Thoughtless actions
Have been forgiven.
We shall war no more
This night.

August 5, 1999
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A Lover's Oath

I will always be there
With every beat of my heart
Our love enduring both
Time and space
Defying all those that would
Stand against us
This I pledge to you:
We shall never be apart
For my love burns ever brighter;
Each day ever deeper
All I will ever need is the light
And warmth of your smile
To lie in your embrace,
My shelter from the storm.
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Loves First Kiss

Trying to steady the trembling
In my hands as I touch her face,
I watch as her full lips part,
The tip of her tongue darting out,
Making me breathless with desire.
Wanting to touch her sweet
Mouth with my own,
I wonder if it will be as glorious
As my heart insists it must be.
I swallow deeply and lean in,
My breath caught between
Heaven and earth.
As her lips whisper across my own,
Such desire washes over me,
Fulfilling me; changing me;
Claiming me; body and soul.
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Love's Redemption

The aged warrior stands proud,
Her eyes flash over the battlefield;
Scarred hands gripping the stone abutments
As she observes the carnage below.
The years passing filled with honor and duty
But for the images of butchery and devastation
That still haunt her slumber;
Life as a destroyer staining her soul.
Watching as the battle runs its course,
The outcome a foregone conclusion,
She closes her weary eyes
And breathes redemption as she
Feels the warmth of green and gold as
They wash death's toil away.
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Love's Sweet Touch Denied

Love's sweet touch denied
Sorrow quenched in another
Lust's tender trap sprung
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Love's Truth

When I was young
And at the centre
Of my universe,
Falling in love was
A pass time I partook of
With casual acceptance.
Now, that wisdom has found me,
I see the truth of what love is.
It is not a casual dalliance;
A brief encounter where only
The mind and body touch.
It is the life's blood that
Ebbs and flows thru
Everything around us,
Binding us, heart and soul.
We are all connected
Like the intricate lines
Of a finely woven fabric.
I am but a strand;
Love is the tapestry of life.
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Is it the depth of our desire
Or the passion in her eyes?
Natures handiwork most evident
n how she elicits our deep sighs?
Could it be the allure of blue
That scintillates within her gaze?
Or the humour and the grace
That sets off her feminine ways?
The beauty set before us
In a package such as she
Will always be respected
With good grace and humility

July 7, 1999
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Lucy Frances Ryan

Lucy Frances Ryan
Was born on this special of days
A great actress in the making
She is wondrous in so many ways
So on March 29 of the year
We celebrate it all day long
Wishing she and her husband the best

From your Xenites, Lucy, Battle On!

March 28, 1999
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Lumbering Limericks

There once was a bard named Gabby
Who was known for her staff work, you see
She went to India with Xe
As a pacifist, she'll be
To her own self be true, eternally

Gabs and Xe in XWP
Then comes Hope
And the Bitter Suite
Throw in some lice

And some grungy feet
They've left Greece
Gone to India
Gabs' Way is Love
Xe's the warrior, duh~!

Where the writer's will take us
We'll never know
Mayhaps they don't either
They make it up as they go?
But what ever they do
It's a certainty
I'll be tuning in to
Catch my Xe.
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Lunar View

I stand on tiptoes, reaching out,
My outstretched hand with fingers splayed
Can almost touch the magic orb
That dances just beyond my grasp.
His face is wide and smiling
And wrinkles cris-cross with care.
He's looked down upon us,
So many stages of our lives
And yet there is no judgment
No court, no final decree.
He watches with dispassion
As we live, and love, and die
And no matter how hard l try
I'll never be able to touch his face.
After I'm long dead and gone
He'll still fill the sky benignly
Giving us nothing more than
His shining, halcyon visage
To inspire poetry, love and dreams.

August 3, 1999
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Let me infuse you with my juices;
track you with the point of my being,
filling your veins with
fiery passion.
Experience me and I will burn
like molten lava into your very soul.
My embrace will let you experience
the totality of intense desire.
The touch of my fingers,
my mouth,
my hands
will arouse in you
a sense of total pleasure.
Lust: crave me like a drug.
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Lust in Repose

You lie there in all your splendor,
Knowing I cannot resist you.
Drawn ever forward,
My very being singed by
The piercing heat of your desire.

Watching as the smoldering
Embers of passion arise in your eyes,
I am caught by my audacious yearnings,
Knowing I but exist while outside
The torrent of your desire.