by ArdentTly

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My heart yearns
For that which I cannot know
But feel with all my being
Is missing from my soul
That part of me
Completes the puzzle that I hold
And therefore without
Structure; enduring without form
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Our lives tick by each passing day
We survive each passing morrow
And try to find love on the way
To hold against the sorrow.
Then perchance I find that one
Who means oh that much more
Without whom I am undone
A wave upon my shore
My twists and turns and wanderings
Has led me to your heart
I've touched your soul, share ponderings
And marveled at Love's dart
I've tasted tears from o'er your face
And comforted you each day
Our love transcends both time and space
Love is. What's more to say?
The colour of my love, my dear
Is amber ever more
For you, I always shall be here
To Love, I'll be your door.
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Miles Apart

Looking out across the miles,
Feeling closer to you than seems possible;
Closing my eyes you are here with me.
I can feel your breath upon my shoulder,
Your hands moving softly at my waist.
As I lean back into you,
A sigh escapes my lips
And I am home.
Your arms embrace me and your mouth
Whispers softly, creating images that play
Over the lush garden of my mind
And I am lost.
Watching the sunset's last gleaming,
I move my hands up to mimic your gentle
Yet imaginary embrace.
"Soon", I whisper as my vision
Is filled with thoughts of us,
Lying tangled in each other's arms.
And I am at peace.

May 10, 1999
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Missy Good

There was a bard named Missy
And the stories that she told
Were of a verbose bard
And warrior so bold
Then she took to uber
Gave us Kerristan and Dar
The world of EDS was intrigue
And dirty politics by far
Then her altfic was a novel
Printed up and bound so well
Her Merpups were so proud
And their ranks did grow and swell
Now comes the news today
That Missy's book a movie be
And she'll do the characters proud
Screen writing articulately.
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Light shines thru darkness
Illuminating her eyes
They beckon to me
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My Desire

You say my voice burns within your mind;
My body fills you with desire.
Your words, like verse, calm me in kind;
It's your southern wisdom I admire.
When my name trips off your sweet tongue
My throat closes and the dance has begun.
I want to hold you close
I want you to feel my fire.
Our bodies building rhythm
Releasing molten fire.
Your voice strokes softly inside my heart
I want to lie in your sweet embrace.
Your thoughtful words, right from the start
Soothed my soul, all my pain erased.
I want you here with me tonight
Immerse myself in your sweet delight.
I want to hold you close
Build you up with my desire.
Our hearts will beat as one
Releasing passions fire.
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My Love Is

My love is like the red, red rose;
The petals silken and yet none so soft
As the honeydewed corolla of my true love;
The buds rich in texture and hew and yet
Pale in comparison to the rosy blossoms
Which lie before me in all their glory.

My love is like the deep blue sea;
It's length and breadth reduced to nothingness
As my desire for her stretches past eternity;
The ocean depths rich in diversity and yet
Unequal to the sheer dimensions
Of my immutable and infinite love.

May 25, 1999