by ArdentTly

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Never Stop

She stood by the door,
the light from the fire place playing across her beauty
and my heart did stop.

seeing not the hunger in my eyes, the love in my heart,
and time did stop.
I rose up, making the chair creak,
trying the calm the rushing of the blood in my veins
and l could not stop.
l took her into my arms,
did kiss her both hard and gentle, bespeaking of the love within
and we did not stop.
And my life is full as she is in it,
a part of me, welcoming me, entreating me to live and love and never stop.
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Night Maneuvers

The sun splashes upon burnished skin,
Sweetly kissed as we lay in each other's arms,
The night of ardent loving now over.
Our repast shall be the smiles and fervent touches
Our memories play o'er again
As we watch the sun drop thru the waves
And can taste the banquet of love once more.

August 5, 1999
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Nighttime Harmony

Your mouth sings my release
As I writhe against you,
Filling the night with
A raven's cries.
My body arches as
I move to the music
Only you can play,
Undulating to the fiery
Sounds of desire
Til the soft call
Of the morning dove
Is upon us.

August 8, 1999