by ArdentTly

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Rapacious Illusions

Watching you with glistening eyes
Like a predator views a prey
Feeling my wanton desires rise
It's your passion that I crave
Muscles taut with expectation
Fingers twitch with sheer delight
At the promised vociferation
That will culminate with this night
Your lips, they draw me closer still
I feel your breath upon my face
Your soft sweet kisses accost my will
The hunter has become the prey
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Rapacious Truth

I sit here naked to the world
My mask, my armour at my feet
My sword has been removed from me
Ever present but out of reach

My body bleeds where you have been
Your words, your touch, a heavy price
I've fought to keep the beast at bay
That you dissect and then entice

The pain exquisite, give me more
Give me more of what I need
And let me bask in your cruel tongue
Lashing against my wanton greed

You see inside my darkened heart
Compelling me to see the truth
That falls upon me from within
The raging beast has been set loose

It prowls in hunger, with tooth and claw
Holds me tight within its embrace
Exposing fear and lust and pain
I shout with rage, my chains erased

Ease my pain and soothe my fears
Cleanse me, my twisted soul released
Conquer my darkness with your love
And claim my soul, my rage appeased

July 15, 1999
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She lies alone, her form outlined under the light from the full, ripe moon.
Her golden crown lies cradled in her arms and it's apparent she has been weeping.
The fire has burned down low and the only sound is of her soft breath.
The air seems heavy as you stride prudently yet purposefully towards her.
And yet she sleeps on.
As you carefully place your articles of war aside, sliding off your leathers,
You see her eyes flutter open and soon your own rapture is being reflected
And your heart is full.
You wonder as you capture a fresh tear as it rolls down her silken cheek
How it is you've captured her heart and you thank the gods that it shall ever be so.
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Raw Emotions

I don't feel with my finger tips;
I touch with my mind.
I don't taste with my mouth;
I consume with my soul.
My life not endured but
Encountered and savored
In its purest form.
All things consumed,
Bitter and sweet and
Like a parched desert,
Anticipating the next
Torrential downpour.
Angel's tears
Washing me clean.
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Reach Out

Let your words fly swift and free
Seize the moment, take a stand
Open your heart and see
Reach out and touch her hand
Your green eyes are her window
To look deep upon your heart
Reach out and let her know
Give love a brand new start
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The clear bright twinkle of her eyes
Stabs thru the gloom enveloping my heart
And I am left speechless,
Unable to wallow in the darkness
That surrounds me.
Her hands caress my stern and serious face,
Calming the lines that grow there
Until I am finally at peace.
Her smile shines thru to touch each
Shadowy corner of my being,
Making me smile in spite of myself.
And then I am home, back in the
Comfort of her embrace;
Able to let go of the harsh realities
Of Life and drown in the tranquility
That is her.

May 6, 1999
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Roman Destiny

There was a young woman
Who tried to deny
A vision her 'friend' had
"No way!", did she cry
She met her a prophet
Eli was his name
They were captured by Romans
And taken away
He dithered
And blathered
Trying to center them all
But inside poor Gabby
Knew Xena would call
As the crosses were built
And made with great care
The followers and bard
Stopped the Amazon's dare
The way of love
Is what they did cry
The vision crept closer
At Gab's heart did it pry
But all to soon
The truth was laid bare
They'd be up on those crosses
In the wintery glare
Xena parried
And thrusted
And got past the guard
Til the shrill cry of mimicry
Startled them all
A fight did ensue
And Xena was winning
But a tortured immortal
Had a plan and was grinning
As she threw out that disc
With a cry of remorse
Did she meddle with Fate
Altering Destiny's course?
Oh the look of pure horror
On poor Gabby's face
As she saw their sweet future
Be simply erased
A feeling so dark
Did fill her with rage
And grabbed up some weapons
Leaving the pacifists stage
As the warrior looked on
With torment and pain
She watched the bard lose
All the peace she had gained
And then all at once
Gabrielle just gave up
For them no last supper
Nor carpenter's cup
They looked at each other
With love in their eyes
They held in their pain
And stifled their cries
With hammer
And nail
Destiny hammered home
The vision was true:
Crucified and alone

May 15, 1999
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'Here are roses', she said.
'I picked them for you especially.
They match the colour of your heart.'
I looked at the crimson blossoms
And felt the colour of the deepest red
Invade every corner of my being.
How could see look into my heart and
See, without knowing me, just what I needed?
Without a touch she had tamed my
Wild and broken heart, healing me
In a flash of red.

February 2, 1999