by ArdentTly

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'Give yourself to me', she said,
A smile curled upon her lips
'Let me inside that stone heart
Of yours where I can do some good'
I smiled, all cocky and sure, 'this
Woman doesn't know what
The hell she's in for.' But I let her in..
She took apart each bit of me;
Kinda made me into something
different, leaving me
Feeling lonely inside. Foreign
Pieces roaming listlessly about in
The rather slanted universe I lived in.
None of em fit, these random fragments.
I tilt my head, looking into my reflection;
The images don't jive anymore.
And I'm lost, trying to find my way
In a reality I thought she
Wanted, I wanted, we wanted. But
Didn't get. Harnessing my soul to
Her version of what Fate held, leaving me to
Contemplate my own grand failures and wonder.
Certain one night I'd wake up, heart
All bent and bleeding, knowing she wouldn't
Be there. Leaving me unhappy with the life
I knew; my glorious past seen in a
Different light. Knowing it was the taming
that drew her; the unpredictability,
the whispering of an unfettered soul,
dancing just beyond the fringe.
She wanted, I gave; we lost.

January 20, 1999

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Passion hanging fragrant in the air
Your head pillowed on the soft curve of her belly
Like a sacred offering to love
Warm hand tracing lazy circles
Getting tangled gently in her damp curls
Each inhalation of breath calming you
Yet exciting you
Your desire building
Once more
Her sighs
Filling the air
As music to your soul.
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Sea of Troubles

As l sit upon my rock
And look out onto the sea
I'd find myself surrounded
By my thoughts, unhappily
Warm and loving images
That float beyond my grasp
Seem to taunt and tempt me
Til my thought processes lapse
I'm left here on this rock
With its weight upon my soul
Unable to purge my sorrow
For that which I can't know
The wispy fog that covers me
Like the stillness of the night
Is cold and dank and heartless
Devoid of any light
As the waves get high and higher
And I still cling to my rock
I should let go and swim for shore
Corporeity's a shock
As the first tendrils of morning
Begin to light the sky
I've searched my soul, I cannot know
Only seabirds hear my cry

June 18, 1999
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Season Suite

Praise the New Year's here, it's true
Xena eps are back, and new
Watching reruns made us stew
For Xena!
We have missed her chakram's sparks
And think back upon the arcs
No one ever hits those marks
Like Xena!
Famed for prowess as a Lord
As the Conqueror she scored
With her skills we're never bored
Oh Xena!
She's the Warrior Princess
And it's obvious to see
Her cerulean blue eyes
Call out to you and me
With one look she makes men cower
Fuels our fantasies by the hour
Welcome back, Xena
Battle On!
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The lines of your body
rival the finest silk
And the texture
of you
fills my mind with honey.
Your scent makes
my heart blossom
And I long to breath
in your touch
As the drug my body craves.
Your presence
disorders my thoughts,
Bringing light where warmth was
But a concept,
not a reality.
Let your mouth fill me up
As my ears long for
That sweet moment
When you bind the
Chord between us.

August 8, 1999
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Oh no, Skip!
What did you do?
You just can't inhale
That mountain dew
Would you like it
In a cup
Or from a bowl
Just like a pup?
When you spew
On your keyboard
At least you'll know
You won't be bored
And so I thank you merrily
Now back to typing
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Somewhere In Time

'I feel your pain', I said,
The grit of past loves still
Stuck between my teeth.
'You'll get over it;
It just wasn't meant to be',
I lied, knowing my own heart
Lay in tatters; pieces forever lost.
'It will get better; give it time', I tried
Again, knowing at least this was
Something I could say in all honesty.
'Things happen for a reason', you reply.
I try to put on a brave face when you
Touch my tears, consoling me.
'If not in this lifetime, then the next.'
The spark of hope I wished to give to you
Envelopes me and I know she waits;
Somewhere in time.

April 17, 1999
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A Soul's Dilemma

My heart bleeds for the want of you
As I wander my life in desolation.
Watching the favour and lust in another's eyes
Only makes me feel empty, lost and alone;
Knowing that the eyes I long to see
Watching me, passion filled, burning across
My skin, are those of one who's heart is true,
and who's love perceives no bounds.
My life without you is empty and pointless;
Each moment away from your embrace
More painful than I could ever have imagined.
Needing to mend your broken and shattered heart;
Wanting to heal the tear in our soul
And not yet knowing how.
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Looking deeply within your eyes
I feel the power of you
Sweep across the breadth of me,
Drawing out the cloistered warrior
I've tried to be.
The self imposed prison I've built,
Made up of past transgressions,
Present misdeeds,
Future possibilities,
Weighs heavily on my shoulders;
I can no longer stand as stoic
And untouched; the cracks now visible,
Making me vulnerable yet sound.
Knowing you share my strengths,
The belief we shall always walk together
Enriches me, allows me to release the pain
And learn to live again,
Thru your love,
Our bond.
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Souls Apart

There is a myth, a story told
Of how man was in days of old.
And how the gods created him
To entertain; their lives so dim.
Man had two heads and four legs, too
He was complete, his joy was true.
Into a godless rage went they
They sought to tear his joy away.
And so they rent man's soul asunder
Left to roam the world and wonder.
Trying to find their soul's release
And give their vagrant heart some peace.
So ever more shall man endure
To find his soul complete and sure.
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Souls Well Met

There was a peasant, a young bard
A singer and a gentle ward
With comely face and flaxen tress
Twenty years of age is my guess.
Of her size she was of petite length
And wondrous agile but of little strength
She had lived a quiet life of peace
And knew not of love's sweet release
And in the little time she'd lived
She'd searched for a soul that cleaved

Silent was she and scowled most days
A warrior in blood filled craze
Who left the land sorrowful and lost
And won courage but at what cost
At that time all bent with rage
And not yet thirty was her age
She was a lord with Ares curse
Denied her soul, disavowed her worth
And at her back a sword she kept
To vanquish foes who were inept

Met well these two in times of woe
A soul's welcome they did not know
But in the fallow fields there lay
A lover's seed Fate did decree
To blossom and come to fruition
Despite a vengeful god's derision
One faithful night both faced the truth
Death's heavy gaze had naught to lose
And so voiced what their hearts knew
Fused their soul, their love imbued

July 6, 1999
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The resounding silence of the crashing waves
on distant shores reverberates within my head
as one heart beats in an elaborate tempo
free from the sweet entanglements of a duet.
I find myself mired in the stagnant pools of promises
never kept, dreams never shared as they lap against
eyes that would never see.
Still the waters rise, ebbing and flowing as I cast
my gaze inward, away from hard knowing eyes
that would see my denial, wrapped about me like
a shroud of truth, truth as I know it, as I wish it to be,
and pull me kicking and screaming out of
the harsh glare of self pity.
Each shred of cloth that binds me only serves to
accentuate just how far from hope I've come
and how very far I need to go before feeling
the warmth of a new lover's touch.

August 17, 1999
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Stoic Warrior

There she rides so proud and tall
A hero of this land
She fights for right, for weak and small
For the greater good she stands
She once ruled Greece as its Lord
With Ares by her side
She fought with chakram and with sword
And did conquer and divide
With azure eyes and mane of black
She is danger in repose
Of wit and charm there is no lack
Her power how it rose
Now she rides her horse o'er Greece
Defending those she may
With Gabrielle she stands for peace
Stoic hardship is her way
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Strange Fruit

Strange fruit grows in the fields by my home
Casting a shadow like a pale horseman rides
Filling my mind with darkness and gloom
And sets in stone where my heart resides
I watch with horror, overcome with dread
As each new victim is nailed up in wood
And witness as the heavens above start to bleed
Sending rain, like tears, to act as their shroud
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the stars that grace your eyes
seem to follow me
and yet l know
your gaze is
not done lovingly
you seek what l have
the passion l can share
l shall not see love
but lustful eyes
and l shall beware
for cleaved am l
what's in a name?
my fiction and poetry
are to blame
l am me just me
you see
a woman filled
with love and desire
and carnality
try as l might
l seek to find
the woman that
will fill my mind
and give back
all to me
who will let me
live and love
for all to see

June 20, 1999
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Stygian and Cobalt Blue

Wither thou goest, I shall go
Into the dusk with thee
And I shall follow with mine heart
With thee I long to be
As these four years have gone by
I've toiled by thy side
And I have loved thee, warrior
Thou see naught, for thy pride
I have adored thee from a far
And loved thee oh so true
My soul is filled with elation
My light doth thou imbue
With words and deed, thou brace mine heart
And fill my life anew
You art my path, my very soul
E'er stygian and cobalt blue
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I'm saying all the things that I know you'll like
Making good conversation
Gotta handle things just right
You know what I mean
We start to talk a bit subtextually
Into some suggestive scenes
Trying to get you to talk about
Xena and Gab's eventuality

Let them get physical, physical
They need to get physical
Let's get into subtextual
Let me hear you give it up, give it up
RJ, let me hear you give it up!

We've been patient and understood
Tried to keep subtext on the table
It's getting hard, this holding back
If you know what I mean

I'm sure you understand their point of view
They know each other soulfully
You gotta know that you're holdin back
The animal in Xe!

Let them get physical, physical
They need to get physical
Let's get into subtextual
Let me hear you give it up, give it up
RJ, let me hear you give it up!
Let them get physical, physical
They need to get physical
Let's get into subtextual

March 24, 1999
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Subtextual Mary

If you ever thought our Mary
Would get it on with Rho
I think there was a better chance
Between dumb Ted and Lou.
But we can close our eyes
And think with all our might
That Mary'd burn her bra
And lean more left than right.
Mayhaps she'd get a jacket
All black and leather made
And Rho would get a chopper
And both would make the grade.
Mary'd have a tattoo
That would wind around her hip
And Rho would get a nipple pieced
And a stud upon her lip.
But then we'd lose the innocence
The joy that was that show
I never saw the subtext
For it wasn't there, you know.
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'I love you', she said
Searing the words into my heart.
I stopped, a silly grin on my face
As her words hit so hard
Rocking gently into me.

Oh how it burns, so deep inside
Boiling my blood
Setting darkness afire

'You weren't dreaming', she wrote
Her post sitting like a kiss
Waiting to be stolen
Like the treasure it is
All of it just for me.

See how it starts, this lover's blaze
Swelling my heart
Setting desire aflame

'And I willingly burn', I say
Wanting to feel her embrace
As we speak these words of love
Our tears are mingled then tasted
Consumed at leisure.

May 12, 1999
for kel
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Sweet Death

My face wet and hot with liquid fire
Your essence filling my head
Urging me on
The joy of your cries
Wash over me
As they fill the air
With a splendid
And singular
Sweet death
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Sweet Tidings

When we are out in public and I want
To express my desire for you,
I suppose I just can't say
That I want to make love to you
And hold you so close that our hearts beat in rhythm;
That I want to see your head thrown back
In ecstasy as I reach inside of you and pluck
The strings of your very soul;
Feeling your body moving beneath me,
Sliding easily against the fine sheen
That covers my skin from loving you
Long into the night.
I suppose I'd have to use my eyes to
Convey such sweet tidings,
Burning your very skin with their intensity;
Causing the apex of your limbs to quiver
With the prolonged anticipation of my touch;
Tell with my tongue as it slides across
My lower lip how much I want to taste your
Essence, the bouquet of your sweet mouth
And the depths of your desire.
All of my senses reeling for the want of you.
Will you hear me and know in your
Very heart that I am yours,
Now and forever ~
Your name emblazoned across my soul?
We may, sweet love, quite possibly never
Get to the every day seasons of our
Rich and plentiful existence;
Immersing ourselves in the joys of
Love's passion, wrapped eloquently
Within the secret meaning of words.