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Take it Easy

Take it easy
Take it easy
Doesn't take much, babe,
To please me.
Cos things are tough
But they can't win
And we may never be
Here again
Go on and find your staff, my bard
Cos it would please me
And this road is so damned hard
As a warrior and a bard
But the next life, we'll see peace
And it'll free me
Take it easy
Take it easy
Just open up your heart, my bard
And please me
Subtext: is it the end
And homophobes will never bend?
Just look past and see the love
It's easy
So take it easy
Take it easy
And mend Xe's poor old heart
Gabs, take it easy
Cos things are tough
And we can win
Tho we may never be
Here again
Go on and find your way, my bard
Cos it would please me
So take it eeeaaasssyy
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She said 'l love you'.
My heart felt brimming over
With love's sweet delicious fire;
All consuming, as a shout burst
From my lips ~ immediately tamed.
My eyes bleed from the want of her;
Fervent hands long to touch her;
How fast my heart beats, only for the
Moment when she will smile at me;
Captured, body and soul.
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Tears falling ~
l cannot catch them,
they fall too fast.
But as they hit the paper
my words are smeared and
no longer just cold print.
They change,
they are
blossoms of colour ~
out of the pain.

August 8, 1999
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The Temptress of the Night

"I'm here to deliver every little pleasure
until nothing craved remains."
Her words wash over me
Leaving me smoldering, the flames
still licking at the walls of my being.
Tempting me to enjoy
the promise of things to be ~
To melt the ice from my soul,
fed the fire in my veins and
fulfill all my wants and desires, forever.
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That Kiss

I don't want another heartbreak
I don't need another turn to cry
I don't wanna get sent away
You love me?....oh no, goodbye
But you got me, an ex-warlord
Accept me, or I die

It's the way I love you
It's a feelin like this
It's centrifugal motion
It's perpetual bliss
It's that pivotal moment
Ah, impossible
That kiss, that kiss
That kiss, that kiss

Gabrielle said to Xena
'How to get our love on course?
All I want was a warrior
With a good heart, soft touch, fast horse
Ride me off into the sunset
Baby, I'm forever yours.'

It's the way you love me
It's a feeling like this
It's centrifugal motion
It's perpetual bliss
It's that pivotal moment
It's ah...unthinkable
That kiss, that kiss,
That kiss, that kiss

You can kiss me in the moonlight
On the bed rolls under the skies
You can kiss me with the windows open
And the rain comes pourin inside
Kiss me in the dreamscape
Let's let everything ride
You've got me floatin, you've got me flyin

It's the way you love me
It's a feeling like this
It's centrifugal motion
It's perpetual bliss
It's that pivotal moment
It's ah...subliminal
That kiss, that kiss,
It's criminal
That kiss, that kiss

It's the way you love me, baby
It's the way you love me, darlin

It's the way you love me
It's a feeling like this
It's centrifugal motion
It's perpetual bliss
It's that pivotal moment
It's ah...subliminal
This kiss, this kiss,
It's criminal
This kiss, this kiss
It's the way you love me, baby
It's the way you love me, darlin

May 28, 1999

Original by Faith Hill
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Things to be Said

There are things to be said
While lying in bed
That cause my emotions to brew
So I prop up my arm
And turn on the charm
And whisper sweet nothings to you
Your face fills my sight
And all thru the night
Our passionate shouts fill the air
And then comes the morn
All sweaty and warm
It's fingers stretch out to our lair
And so there we'll be
Just you and me
To greet the brand new day
We'll make each moment count
And our love will we flaunt
Planting seeds of love on our way
For there is naught more be said
As your smile fills my head
With images oh so sweet
Of that day when we met
And my heart did I let
Sweet ardor shall we repeat
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I expect many things but settle for little.

I want much, I receive what can be freely given.
I lust, l want, l need, endlessly.
I love unconditionally but few reciprocate.
I am strong enough for a man but
It is the love of a woman that I seek.
I wish to live my life freely and without hatred,
Knowing that it is almost impossible to do so.
And yet I try, holding my hand out shamelessly,
My head held high.
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Ticket To Ride

I can take you here
I can take you there
If there is no feeling
And no bond to share
Then it's just an act
A gift of flesh
Desire is shared
But hearts don't mesh
So fast, so slow
So deep and pure
When love is shared
The poison purged
And when I touch
Your soul inside
It's not the destination
It's the ride.

August 30, 1999
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Time With You

If I could save time in a bottle
I'd save all my moments with you
I'd take all that time
And in a moment sublime
Seal it with a kiss that is true

For we never know just what we've got
Til it's gone
And each precious moment passes by
Forever more
Leaving us holding nothing but regrets
All alone
A heart of stone

Yes, if l could live my life over
I'd spend every second with you
I'd measure each moment by
The stroke of your kiss
As our avowals of love were renewed

July 5, 1999
In memory of Jim Croce
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Torch Song

She doesn't love me any more
As if she ever did
I loved her the best I could
Really hoped we'd win
I'll miss the shelter of her arms
And the sparkle in her eye
Oh, and the deep rumble
Of her wanton sighs
The messed up look she'd get
After I'd love her all night long
When she'd kiss me
And tell me we belonged
I can't believe she'd dump me
And throw that all away
Now my heart's in tatters
To love again is the debate

July 25, 1999
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Reaching out across the infinite
Cold nothingness of cyber space,
It's easy to feel disconnected;
The lines of reality are stretched
And then become blurred.
You coast along, wanting to
Feel a sense of community;
On the inside looking out.
The first tentative steps are taken
And suddenly you are not alone.
Words of tenderness are shared;
Likes, wants, needs and desires
Fill the lines of distance.
Dreams are exchanged and suddenly,
Time and space seem to bend;
The void is filled ~

April 17, 1999
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Scenes from a life, lived passionately:
The promised 'forever' on bended knee
The twinkle in eyes from across the room
The web of desire weaved on the loom
Trails of fire across satiny skin
The spark of a 'look', the turn of a grin
Gifts of a lifetime locked in your brain
Measured and weighed in loving refrain
Each endowment marked upon your soul
Two hearts well suited, once separate now whole
The love that you shared shall always be
Parting's sweet sorrow if only briefly
The light from her eyes shines down from His lense
She lives in your heart, the Lord's recompense
June 22, 1999
For PD
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True Love

And I will not marry
Share my life with no man
I'll search for my darling
The one who's heart understands

For she is my truelove
Of this l am sure
I shall play her my heart strings
With a song that is pure

And we shall have rapture
Where ever we go
For I'll be her true love
And shall reap what l sow

July 13, 1999
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I've searched hi
And I've searched low
I've been hard
Fast and slow.
I've loved
And then I've lost
Shared the joy
Born the cost.
Touched a soul
Or two, its true,
Even heard
"Yes, l love you".
But in my heart
There lies a pain,
Shall l ever love again?
With all my heart
I need it so,
When I meet her
Will I know?
When we touch
And she screams my name
Will l feel myself
Be claimed?
Will my breath
Cease to exist,
My heart held tight
Within her fist?
Will we fit,
Her hand, my glove
Shall I ever know

August 30, 1999
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Turmoil - My State of Confusion

Letters written, rarely sent
Emotions felt but never spent
Heart open wide, not fully given
Life lived hard and passions driven
Holding close what needs to be
Yet not so close to render me
Wanting, needing, tenderly
Dreaming of things meant to be
Reaching out to one so dear
Her love for me is very clear
And yet I am oh so bereft
My life is cold, what is there left?
She wants and needs so much of me
All that I give: Conditionally.
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The Tyger

I sit with head in hand,
Heart bleeding,
Mind reeling.
Pain so deep,
So piercing;
Filling me with
Such utter
I wanted to let
The tyger out;
To feel the power
The sharp claws;
See the stripes in
All their glory.
Knowing eyes staring
Back at me,
Marking me as one
Of their own.
We know each other
By the battle scars,
That look in our eyes,
The uneasy bravado,
The defiant glare.
Now that she's out
The skin fits too
Colours too bright.
Now that I wear
Them, dream them
Write them,
Can I be surprised
Hurt, bewildered
When a finger is
Pointed my way?
Feeling such pain,
I look down only
To see that I've
Cut myself on my
Own long, curved
Self inflicted wounds
Cut so deep.
They fester too quickly
To heal properly.
Death of a thousand
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Tyger, Tyger

Something fearsome happens
When the beast comes out to play.
She's been too long inside,
Prowling in darkness,
Keeping her true nature at bay.

Her wildcat nerves are thrumming
And are kept so very taut
That the air around her
Crackles with power;
Will crumbles before her onslaught.

Her way is hot desire,
The intensity so pure
And so captivating
The craving runs deep
As you sense her passion's allure.

Now the tyger is set loose
And she stretches with delight
Baring her long sharp claws
Sweet death a sure thing
As she seduces you tonight.

August 18, 1999