by ArdentTly

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the gates of your love, invite me
and the temple of your heart, sanctions me
as the protector of my soul, succor me
build my desire, liberate me
And I am vanquished
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Vengeance Denied

So when poor Xe comes to
All battered and blue
And feelin mighty sore
She checks the bar out
Goes the 'poor me' route
But wants to go toe to toe once more.
Spittin out a chew tooth
That managed to come loose
When the Warrior Princess went down
Her pride was dented in
But losing ain't a sin
When vengeance comes to town
She glanced at the glass
Najara had kicked her ass
But Xe put a smirk on her face
Seems she still held a card
In the golden haired bard
Beaten down but still in the race
And as she looked down the chasm
Her eye twitched in a spasm
As she thought, "Yeah, that's gotta hurt"
With the Crusader down there
And well out of her hair
She'd get her just dessert
But the bard couldn't claim
She knew Najara was insane
So they brought the twisted soul to bear
For Gabrielle knew
Where the battle lust blew
And she didn't want Xe to be there
As the duo walked away
And Najara was left to pay
They thought she was over and done
But the Fates had a laugh
Poor Gabrielle pulled a gaff
Seeds of doubt were good and well sown.

August 31, 1999
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I look down into the
Serene and tolerant eyes of
My expectant children;
Foreigners in a strange land.
Sleeping without nightmares,
They wake without harsh
Voices raised in anger;
Cutting words no longer
A daily diet they must endure.
Childhood enjoyed once more.

Dedicated to K, R & C
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Waves upon Waves
Resounding upon my shores,
Their tempo beats against
The walls of my soul
And the swelling of the tide
As it changes in direct proportion
To the track of your gaze
Washes over me in a flood of
Deep emerald satisfaction;
All caught in the ardent look aimed my way.

June 9, 1999
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Hard and fast we move together
Our desire building to a fevered pitch
Her eyes bright with lust
She urges me onward
Her cunning mouth
Sears my flesh
As she paints me with ardent's brush

August 1, 1999
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Xena: Warrior Princess
Most convoluted ex-warlord in town
Your future's so unclear now
Way of the Warrior's a fear now
Death by lumber's the vision that you've got

Ex Warlord Xena
No crucifixion scene for you
Better forget it
Your self-doubts are eating at you
But your future's assured
The Way is your cure
You know the word is Love
Shut out that image
Redemption's from above

Gabby don't sweat it
She doesn't think she's worth your time
Wants you to forget it
Who wants to live just fighting crime?
Keep the vision away
Will you die if you stay?
But still you think she is a fool
Wipe that image from your mind
Go back to Cleo's pool

Xena don't blow it
Cos you can change your destiny
Xena you know it
Just a big lie by Alti
Give life a whirl
And just kiss de girl
Don't stop to ask why
Just know that your souls will go on
After you die

Xena: Warrior Princess
Can you change your destiny?
Xena: Warrior Princess
Can you change your destiny?

May 28, 1999
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The Visitation

'She's coming to see me',
Bubbled thru my head.
A grin spread across my face
And my belly did a two and
A half gainer; butterflies be damned.
She'll break my back
And I might just get her to blush.
Ah, the possibilities!