by ArdentTly

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I want to feel your body
wet and hard
soft and hot
I need to fill you with
of my being giving
everything l can
for that
when we lock
like pieces
of a
forgotten puzzle
I want to feel the shudder
of your
body knowing
that I
want to
it just as much
you need
to have
to give you it all

July 10, 1999
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The Warlord and the Bard

In the known world, a power there swirled
And a Grecian god did smile.
He had trained this one, the son of a gun
To use her charm and guile.

She rose to the top, there was no one to stop
The Warrior Princess was Lord.
She united the land, but no one could stand
Her brutality Greece couldn't afford.

Her army did swarm, bring nothing but harm
To the innocent and guilty alike.
She gave them a choice and rolled em like dice
And stuck their heads up on a pike.

For saving a child, Xe was seen as being mild
It seemed that she had lost face.
Salmoneus had pleaded, she should have well heeded
But didn't and so lost her place.

The Gauntlet was hard, she had let down her guard
And was betrayed by a dirty lout.
But Xena, its said, never gives up for dead;
You should never ever count her out.

When she buried her stuff, thinking it might be enough
Was the moment that Fate lent a hand.
For the Bard she well met, and their future was set
As partners they'd wander this land.

Xe mended her ways, and ended her days
As The Conqueror, Lord Xena, its true.
Gabs knew that she could, cast Ares out for good
And start her life over anew.

She rode her horse, with Gab as her source
By her side throughout her life.
Xe tried to be true, and with Gabby's help too
Did atone and win over strife.
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The Warrior

It came upon a midnight clear,
That glorious ballad of old,
Of a god that bent down to the earth
With sword and chakram were told:
"War on all Greece and death to men
Of the Conqueror's praise we sing."
The world in solemn stillness lay,
And watched as Death she would bring.
O ye, beneath life's crushing load
Whose soul was crushed down low,
Who toil against Ares' way
Her painful steps are slow.
Look now! For she hath saved a babe
Her Fate lay on the wing:
O rest beyond the gauntlet, Xe
Your praises soon we'll sing.
For lo! The days are hastening on
Told by shamaness' of old,
When with the ever-circling years
A Bard shall be foretold,
When a Warrior Princess shall reign
The warrior fights not alone,
And the whole world shall sing this song
For the Bard, the Warrior atones.
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The Warrior and the Maiden

Xena the Conqueror tried to forestall
Hardening her heart and erecting a wall
Along came a maiden, all fresh and clean
Cut right to heart where no one had been
She changed her and molded her and now Xe is lost
And gave up her stoicism but oh, what a cost
Now the warrior is flailing around in the dark
Thinking the bard is her only spark
Her emotions are rampant, given full rein
Gab's lost her center and won't take the blame
She needs to grow up and see what she's done
She's beaten the Conqueror, thru the death of her son
All the bard's wisdom and love won't amend
She just can't put Xena together again.
Xena is broken but she'll have to see
Look deep down inside her and set herself free
Get back to that bitch who conquered the land
But rule with fairness and a velvet gloved hand
She's given too much power to Gabrielle
Her soul and her spirit to her did she sell
The cost was a pittance, given in a kiss
Was Gab even aware of a gift such as this?
With a look or a word or even a sigh
She holds a warrior heart laid bare to the sky
For gods and mortals and those in between
This is a new Xena that they've never seen
A vulnerable warrior, for better or worse
Don't let the bard's vision be rendered a curse.
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The Way

Is it the way your hair falls across your forehead
Or how your eyes glisten with love and promise?
Is it the way your skin feels, both warm and silken
As I whisper my fingertips across the angles of your face?
Can it be the tremble in your lower lip, the point of your chin
And the breath I know you are holding that urges me on?
It is this and much more, as I close the distance between us
And take you into my arms at last.
It is you and me, together, making that long wait between
The wanting and the having so poignant,
So terribly hard to bear.
As I press my lips to the soft skin of your neck,
Your scent fills the empty places in my heart once more
And I thank the gods you are in my life.

May 21, 1999
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I hear the ticking of my life
Falling like grains;
Each small spec
Consisting of a sharp
Moment in time.
By itself, not much
And yet piling, one after
Until the weight of it
Makes me feel like
Alone in my misery;
The weight of numerous sins
Falling painfully on
Weary shoulders.
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What Love Doth Best

The rosy flush upon her breasts
doth truly signify
The height in which her rapture rests
Her essence can't deny
The fervent teat no more bereft
Elicits her reply
A dainty kiss upon her cleft
Brings forth her heart felt cry
And I watch with joy and wonder
Desire plays o'er her form
As she rends my soul asunder
My hand within kept warm
When, at last, she lies so sweetly
Within mine arms to rest
Our ardence now spent completely
Enact what love doth best
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What Might Have Been

The radiance we had was true;
Flames of desire, you did imbue.
When love was lost, I was undone;
A stony pall blocked out my sun.
As I remember what we had,
I venture not to feel so sad.
Examining the love within,
My one regret: what might have been.
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What Price Love

I stand at the edge looking down
Watching as you painstakingly move toward me
Your presence filling me with light, grounding me
Your love for me overwhelming.
My fear of flying, soaring free without
The harnesses of life keep me earthward bound
Seeking that which seems to be missing
The emptiness filling me with dread.
Each fissure and crevasse set before us
Tries to rip us asunder
And yet you reach your hand out to me
Trusting our love, giving me validity.
I've made this journey you now climb
Conquering all in my path with grace and ease
Emerging whole and strong, hiding the truth
That my appearance is merely a facade.
Watching you, guiding you, giving freely
Of my heart, hoping you'll never wear my mask
I fear just what the cost will be for you
When the Fates tally the final bill for us.
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Wild Things

and she danced for me like
pagans cavorting under the full moon,
bodies painted in rust coloured hues;
undulating forms writhing to a hidden
beat as old as nature herself,
garnished with little more
than a smile and a promise
of wild nights of tempestuous abandon,
at one with mother earth;
worshipping at the gates of
carnal knowledge.

May 6, 1999
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If wishes were horses and saddles were dreams
I'd capture a filly and treat it with care
And make the best saddle with love as the means

I'd fashion the pieces so intricately
That the faeries of yore would bend to my will
Granting my heart's desire for eternity

And in your embrace as the eons did pass
My dreams no more harnessed and would be set free
To wander the heavens, not wishes but fact

June 17, 1999
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Without You

Please come to LA, I said, cryin
For I'm surely lost without you.
Please meet me in LA, I am tryin.
And I don't know what to do.

I've felt so alone and I aint lyin
To make you feel so down and blue
Please soothe my soul cos I am dyin
And I need to get next to you.

Visions in my head, and I am sighin
For my love for you is so true
I gave my soul but are you buyin
Cos all this is just so brand new

So please come to LA, I'm cryin
For I'll lose my soul without you
Please meet me in LA, cos I am tryin
Tryin to get back to you.

January 16, 1999
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After our sweet lovemaking
l hold you close, listening to your
Heart, beating out the tempo of
My life...in small increments.
I should feel such joy, such bliss
Yet I know, it's not quite love,
You want more than I can give;
I give all that I can right now,
leaving me weak and saddened.
I have such love inside of me, the need
To express it so great that my soul burns;
Rising like a Phoenix from the ashes of
My heart. Freely given, always accepted,
Never denied but left bruised and broken.
How many times can give it away and still
Have more to give?

January 27, 1999
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A Woman Called Xe

There once was a woman called Xe
Who was oft on the outs with Gabby
Words came to her hard
She left that to the bard
She let her actions speak verse happily.