Ellie's Haiku

All poetry on this page is copyrighted by Ellen Ferejohn Maziekien.
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A Chilly Vigil

Silent sentinels,
the snowmen patiently wait.
The nights are lonely.

© Ellen Ferejohn Maziekien




Beach (Summer)

I sit on the sand
and close my eyes, listening.
the pounding surf roars.

© Ellen Ferejohn Maziekien





The Autumn wind blows
making white horses gallop
all across the bay

© Ellen Ferejohn Maziekien





The gray sea splashes
fragile doilies of white lace
over my bare feet.

© Ellen Ferejohn Maziekien




Loves Brings the Light

In the darkest hours,
we are gently reminded
that love brings the light.

© Ellie Maziekien




Spring is Here

Sturdy dune grasses
bend to the will of the wind
as Spring breezes in.

© Ellen Ferejohn Maziekien




Spring Picnic

Spring spreads her blanket
And we put the basket down.
It's the first picnic.

© Ellen Ferejohn Maziekien





On darkened beaches
tired green turtles lay eggs.
They know it is Spring.

© Ellen Ferejohn Maziekien





The sun slowly sets.
Stars, dark until now, switch on
in the Summer sky.

© Ellen Ferejohn Maziekien





Our socks and shoes off,
we test the Winter water.
It bites our ankles!

© Ellen Ferejohn Maziekien



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